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Who Posted The Killer Flyers On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? It Could Be Anyone

So far the third season of How to Get Away with Murder has left us with a lot of questions and very little answers. However, on Thursday night's episode "It's About Frank," one thing will be revealed: who put up the killer flyers on How To Get Away With Murder. There's a lot of possible suspects out there. Annalise has offended, angered, and ultimately annoyed a lot of people both on and off the Middleton University campus. Anyone could hate her enough to be putting up those flyers, but who has the nerve?

Could it be one of the Keating Five? This seems unlikely. Wes has actually been getting along fairly well with Annalise these days. Laurel's too busy dealing with this whole Frank debacle. Asher and Michaela are too preoccupied with each other and Connor is too busy hooking up with every man on campus in an attempt to get over Oliver. Plus, they all seemed genuinely concerned in the premiere episode when the flyers first popped up. If it was any one of them why would they be so stressed about it? It's much more likely that it's someone Annalise has wronged somehow. Unfortunately that's a long list of people.

One prime suspect is Catherine Hapstall. You may have forgotten about her; Annalise sure has. Last season Annalise took on the Hapstall case that involved Catherine and her adopted brother, Caleb, who were accused of killing their adoptive parents. This whole case took up the whole season, but in the end Annalise was able to turn everything around and pin the murders on Caleb, who killed himself before Annalise's theory/cover up could be confirmed or denied. In any case, the Hapstall case was then closed and Catherine and Philip — the Hapstall lovechild that was also accused of killing the Hapstall's — walked away free. So why would Catherine want revenge against Annalise if she got what she wanted and walked away from her parents' murder completely free? Well, maybe because she realized Caleb wasn't actually guilty and doesn't believe he committed suicide, but was murdered instead.

Then there's the fact that Annalise initially pinned the Hapstall's murders on Catherine and Philip, and only changed her tune when it was convenient for her. So Catherine definitely has plenty of reasons for wanting revenge against Annalise and it'd be a nice twist to see Catherine (and maybe even Philip) pop back up again.

Tune in to How to Get Away with Murder this Thursday at 10 p.m. EST on ABC to see who really is behind the flyers.