Meet The Singer Behind 'The Bachelor Winter Games' Anthem

Just when I thought I wouldn't have plans for the week of Valentine's Day, Bachelor Nation came through with something better than dinner and a movie: The Bachelor Winter Games. It begins with an opening ceremony complete with its own specific anthem. But who sang the anthem for The Bachelor Winter Games? Fionnuala Cree had the honor of using her amazing vocals for a song dedicated specifically to the show.

The anthem was a part of a parade not unlike the actual opening ceremony of the 2018 Olympics. All the participants in the winter games walked through a crowd — as well as representations of the nation they were from (for example, Santa and elves were present for Finland's appearance). Even alums Trista Sutter and her husband Ryan showed up to give their blessing to the games. They took a lamp from the Bachelor mansion all the way from Los Angeles to Vermont to serve as the Bachelor Nation (or should I say Bachelor World) version of the Olympic torch. Trista was the first Bachelorette back in 2003. Ryan was the winner of her season, and the two wed months later. They've been together ever since and have two children, so she's definitely a success story from the show. Their presence really proved that hey, it is possible to find love on television.


After the parade of countries and Trista's and Ryan's appearance, Chris Harrison said it was time for the official Bachelor Winter Games anthem. Of course! Makes total sense! Suddenly, a young woman took the stage and sang about sports and love. The tongue-and-cheek affair left the contestants unsure if they should remove their hats or put their hand on their hearts as if it were a legitimate anthem. It's moments like this that make me love The Bachelor and its offshoots: producers know this is ridiculous and no one takes the show super seriously. I mean, they're all trying to find love by playing winter games on television... that's a pretty funny concept in itself.

But who actually sang the song? She is not famous (not yet, anyway). Fionnuala Cree is actually a high school student in Vermont. In a sneak peek on E! News, Bachelor executive producer Bennett Graebner explained where The Bachelor Winter Games opening ceremony anthem came from. "The anthem came about because we thought to ourselves, well, we really need some kind of anthem, some kind of song, that commemorates the beginning of these games," Graebner said. At first, producers did consider a famous singer or composer.

What they went with though, was a bit different. Graebner told E!, "I thought, why not reach out to a local high school and see if they'll put something together for us?" So, that's exactly what they did. They reached out to Burr & Burton Academy in Manchester, Vermont and had music teacher Neil Freeburn write the song. Fionnuala Cree is a student at Burr & Burton Academy.

Graebner said producers were happy with what Freeburn wrote. "[It] was actually great from the moment they sent it to us," he said of the anthem. "It was really, really fun. We tried to incorporate as much of the local flavor in Vermont as we could, especially with that opening arrival parade."

For those interested, here are the lyrics to the anthem in full:

Bachelor Winter Games, to fight for love and more
Oh Bachelor, sweet Bachelor, we will compete for sure
In the time that we share, let's go beyond compare
Oh Bachelor, sweet Bachelor, we want to see this through
The reason's right, the future's bright to win your hand and heart
Oh Bachelor, sweet Bachelor, our Winter Games be true

I think it's awesome that producers wanted to get locals involved with the event. The anthem is another display of how The Bachelor makes its shows even more over-the-top and fun, which I hope will be the theme throughout The Bachelor Winter Games.

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