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The 'ASOUE' Theme Song Is Insanely Catchy

Although many were skeptical about A Series of Unfortunate Events show heading to Netflix after the movie didn't come out so well, it turns out there was nothing to worry about after all. The streaming services new series is amazing and it begins with the perfect theme song. So who sings the opening theme song "Look Away" on ASOUE? As soon as the vocals kick in, you can tell it's Neil Patrick Harris, who plays Count Olaf on the show.

It's rare these days to have a show with a theme song, but for A Series of Unfortunate Events, the song is perfect. "Look Away" warns viewers that this is not the kind of show they'd like to watch. "This show will wreck your evening, your whole life, and your day," Harris sings. "Every single episode is nothing but dismay." (Great, now it's officially stuck in my head.)

It's not the most inviting theme song, but if you're a fan of the book series you know it's the perfect fit for the show. The narrator and author of the novels, Lemony Snicket, is never shy about the fact that these books aren't happy tales. In fact, he makes it absolutely clear that what happens to the three Baudelaire children in the stories is most dreadful and probably something you won't want to hear about.

Joe Lederer/Netflix

The song also gives a nice little intro to the story, telling viewers that three children (the Baudelaire's) lose their hope and end up with a villainous guardian (Count Olaf). Harris even mentions how surprising it is that the orphans are able to survive living with him.

It's not that surprising that Harris performed the opening credits song. Besides being an Emmy-winning actor, he's also a Tony Award-winner for his work in the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch. He also sang on his popular show How I Met Your Mother and got his Emmy for his work on the musical show Glee. Harris is obviously just as musically talented as he is in acting and it makes sense that the show decided to put his talents to good use and on full display at the start of every single episode.

While there are many reasons to love A Series of Unfortunate Events, the theme song is just the cherry atop this already addictive show. Sorry Lemony Snicket, but I'm going to ignore your advice and keep watching.