Who The Best Partner Is For You, Based On The Chinese Zodiac

Asking for someone's sign may be the cheesiest pickup line ever, but there is something compelling about using the zodiac to help guide you through a sometimes murky love life. I mean, it's fun to think our "person" has already been picked for us, right? So if the monthly zodiac is boring you, I suggest trying another method before giving astrology the cold shoulder. Learning who the best partner is for you, based on the Chinese zodiac, can help you see your dating life through a different lens. I mean, that can't hurt, right?

What is the Chinese horoscope, exactly? According to Travel China Guide, the Chinese zodiac is made up of a 12 year cycle, in which each year is represented by a particular animal. Certain characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses are said to correspond to each animal. For instance, those born in 1987, the Year of the Rabbit, are said to be friendly, serene, and classy, according to Not sure of your sign? Check out Bustle's guide to your Chinese zodiac sign for a quick review.

Of course, romantic compatibility is one of the most intriguing aspects of any zodiac. If you're a dragon, and your partner is a monkey, what does that mean for your love life? It's interesting to speculate about how well your animal signs get along (or don't). Read on to learn whether you and your partner are super compatible, or as mismatched as a rabbit and horse.

Year Of The Rooster

Hey roosters: three signs will give you something to crow about. According to Your Chinese Astrology, people born in the year of the ox, dragon, or snake will be your best bet. It's time to start asking those Tinder matches for their birth year.

Year Of The Dog

Honest and loyal, dogs are devoted partners. The dog plays well with people born in the year of the rabbit, tiger, horse, or pig, according to Gaia. Chasing a rabbit may be in your best interest.

Year Of The Pig

Compassionate and responsible, pigs make great partners. Goats, tigers, and rabbits are your best matches, as noted in China Highlights. Also, you're good at socializing, so it's natural to excel at dating and relationships in general.

Year Of The Rat

No ick factor here: people born in the Year of the Rat are said to be optimistic and romantic. The ox, rabbit, and dragon tend to make great matches, according to Travel China Guide. Plus, rats are typically good at maintaining longterm relationships.

Year Of The Ox

Devoted and hardworking, ox folk are made for lasting relationships. According to Travel China Guide, the rat, snake, and rooster are considered perfect matches. Balance and cooperation are important in their love lives, too.

Year Of The Tiger

Strong and adventurous, tigers have some pretty boss zodiac traits. Dragons, horses, and pigs are your best zodiac matches, according to China Highlights. Honestly, a relationship between a tiger and a dragon just sounds cool.

Year Of The Rabbit

In addition to possessing the cutest sign, rabbits tend to be lucky and easygoing. Dogs, pigs, tigers, and sheep tend to work well with you romantically, according to Gaia. Rock on, rabbits.

Year Of The Dragon

OK, dragons: you have the coolest sign of all. We get it. Also, people born in the year of the rat or monkey tend to work best with you romantically, as explained in Karma Weather. Keep on slaying.

Year Of The Snake

Not all snakes are sneaky. In fact, people born in the year of the snake can be intelligent and enigmatic. As far as love is concerned, snakes pair well with dragons and roosters, as noted by China Highlights. People from those years enhance your fabulousness.

Year Of The Horse

Patient and loyal, horses have the makings of fantastic partners. Sheep, dogs, and tigers work best with horses, according to Gaia. Ride off into the sunset together.

Year Of The Sheep

Persons with this sign are sheep or goats or ram, depending on your interpretation, as noted in HuffPo. (Yes, I'm thinking about the Cake song, too.) Whatever the case, these signs work well with rabbits, horses, and pigs, according to Your Chinese Astrology. These matches are made in heaven.

Year Of The Monkey

Is this sign the most fun of all? Oxen and rabbits work best with the monkey, according to Travel China Guide. Active and optimistic, monkeys tend to make attractive partners.