'HTGAWM' Threw Another Twist In Wes' Death

This week's promo of How To Get Away With Murder seemed to suggest that something had happened to Wes' body, and while those promos tend to be somewhat misleading, in this case it turned out to be pretty on the nose. Something did happen to Wes' body — because it's no longer in the morgue. So who took Wes' body on How To Get Away With Murder? For the time being, it looks like Nate could be the guilty party, or is this just another red herring to throw us off track?

Initially, it felt like it would be too easy to point the finger of blame at Nate, considering we saw him go into the house shortly before or after the fire started, indicating he may have had something to do with it. But this is HTGAWM we're talking about. Surely it couldn't be that easy to solve the case. So when the finger of blame started pointing elsewhere, Nate started drifting further and further down my murder suspect list. However, now it's been revealed that not only did Nate sign an authorization to have Wes' body moved, but he also was there when Wes walked into Annalise's house for the very last time. The two of them just stared at each other, but what happened next? Is he really responsible for Wes' demise?

As damning as the evidence against Nate seems to be right now, I honestly doubt he's the guilty party, at least when it comes to Wes' death. OK, fine, so they saw each other very close to the time of the murder. But a lot can happen in just a few minutes, so it'd be naive to try and assume what went down in those last few moments of Wes' life. Someone else could've appeared suddenly out of the blue.

That being said, I do believe Nate may have been the one to move Wes' body from the morgue. Despite his insistence to Annalise's mom that he could do nothing to help her daughter get out of prison, I feel like he may have caved and decided to mess with the DA's plans in order to pave the way to her freedom. By having Wes' body go missing, even for a little while, it allowed Bonnie to vouch for Annalise's innocence and insist that there's foul play at work. And while Annalise ended up having to get herself beat up for the plan to be a success, it did happen and a big part of that was having the body be MIA. It's what kickstarted the whole plan.

Granted, we still haven't found Wes' actual body to know for sure that Nate just sent it off to another morgue. So I suppose it could still be possible that this is another frame job and Wes' remains have been kidnapped by some unknown assailant. But from where I'm sitting, this is all Nate's doing. And while I dislike the thought of poor Wes being carted off elsewhere, I would feel better about it knowing that it was done to help get Annalise out of prison and back in the court room so that hopefully she can figure out what really happened on that fateful night.