Meet The 15-Year-Old Star Who Voices June In 'Wonder Park'

A new animated feature is about to hit theaters and, as usual, it will leave you asking who all those voice actors are. This time they’re fairly big names, but the voices may be hard to place since they’re not overly distinctive. You’ll be hearing Jennifer Garner, Matthew Broderick, Ken Jeong, John Oliver, and more. But who voices June in Wonder Park? It’s the lead role so you’d think it would be another A-list star, but this time the studio went with a young and talented newcomer to anchor their production.

Brianna Denski is the name of the actress who leads the cast in Wonder Park, and she’s a sophomore in high school from Connecticut, according to the Bristol Press. Her IMDb page lists previous screen roles including a Christmas TV movie called Wishin’ and Hopin’, and an appearance in the TV series Momsters: When Moms Go Bad. But the stage has been where Denski cut her teeth, with roles in The Nutcracker, Annie, Miracle on 34th Street, A Chorus Line, and more.

Following her performance in a local production of Annie, her teacher and principal drove her into New York City to audition for the Broadway production of the show, but she didn't get the role as she told the Bristol Press.

Denski did, however, land an amazing role in Wonder Park. As she told the Bristol Press, she worked with a talent agency in Connecticut for about two years before getting cast in Wonder Park, and story about how it happened is pretty adorable — and it involves baby teeth.

Denski told the Bristol Press that because her "permanent teeth started growing in behind" her baby teeth, she had to take a break from camera work for a bit. "I kind of looked like a shark. By the way, I love sharks," she told the publication. "I was told that until my teeth were fixed I couldn’t do camera work, but they would submit me for voiceovers." And thus, a star was born.

Denski had dreams to become a musical theater actress, but was "diagnosed with nodules" on her vocal chords and ordered not to sing for a year, according to her IMDb page. Of course, that could change in a number of years, but it seems like she's been enjoying her gig with Wonder Park.

In fact, Denski told Just Jared Jr. she had to "reschedule her birthday party three years in a row" due to her recording schedule for the movie, but they still celebrated. "[I] was greeted with maple candy, Kinder Eggs, Cereal Milk and a snow globe from Spain as gifts," she told Just Jared Jr. "By the way, cereal milk tastes like the milk left over after eating a bowl of Fruit Loops…oddly delicious."

Wonder Park is about a young girl who loves creating imaginative model amusement parks, according to Variety. When her mother falls ill, as Variety reported, June sadly loses her creative spark — until one day when she stumbles upon an abandoned amusement park in the woods. With the help of friendly talking animals — voiced by stars such as Ken Hudson Campbell, Kenan Thompson, Mila Kunis, Ken Jeong, John Oliver, and Norbert Leo Butz, according to Kotaku — she sets out to breathe life back into the place.

If nothing else, it will serve to introduce this newcomer to movie viewers young and old. Look for Brianna Denski starring in Wonder Park in theaters on Friday, March 15.