Craig Sjodin/ABC

Who Voices The Dog On 'Downward Dog'? Martin Is Funny & Heartwarming


Every dog owner has wished they could know what their dog was thinking at least once. Do they really miss you while you're gone? Why are they staring at you like that? What's their damage with squirrels and why do they love fire hydrants? Well in ABC's new comedy Downward Dog, viewers get to go into the mind of a dog named Martin. So who voices the dog on Downward Dog? Samm Hodges, who also writes and produces the show, does the voice of Martin, according to IMDB.

This is actually Hodges' first acting role, as he's typically found working behind the scenes on documentaries. In the past he's written and directed the documentary shorts Seven Days and Illusions. He also wrote the short drama Waking Up Alone back in 2008. Additionally, Hodges has directed three episodes of the documentary TV series Footnote in 2010-2011.

Though this is Hodges' first acting gig, he's doing an amazing job as Martin. As a dog, Martin obviously has a very different perspective of the world and what his owner, Nan, does in her day-to-day life. Hodges' deadpan humor as the voice of Martin is incredibly funny and perfectly captures Martin's love, but also sometimes his irritation with, Nan. But he's in this for the long haul.

The human-dog relationship is very relatable for a lot of people and getting to see this interpretation of what life is like for a dog is not only funny, but also incredibly heartwarming. Martin's annoyance with Nan's wakeup time or how she "plays" with her boyfriend instead of him are hilarious. His hate of the cat and suspicions about the vacuum are things anyone who's ever had a dog would find familiar. His feelings of loneliness when Nan's at work and anger with Nan for not spending enough time with him are equal parts amusing and heartbreaking, which will undoubtedly make people go home and hug their dogs just a little tighter.

However, it's really Martin's unconditional love for Nan and Nan's love for him that makes this show so warm and fuzzy and fun to watch. While the show probably won't be one that raises many serious issues or deal with anything too hard-hitting, it's perfect for a good laugh, and Hodges' narration is the main reason for that.

Though the show hasn't begun with the best ratings, it's already garnered plenty of fans, especially amongst the dog-loving crowd. Hopefully, the show will become more and more popular as the season progresses and get picked up for another season.

Downward Dog airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.