Who Was The Teacher Injured In The Townville Elementary Shooting? She's In Good Condition

Yet another tragedy at another school has struck the United States. Wednesday afternoon, a shooting occurred at Townville Elementary School in Townville, South Carolina. Police were able to find the shooter and take him into custody relatively quickly, yet two students and one teacher were injured during the incident. As details emerge, it is natural the wonder who the victims of the attack were — specifically who the teacher injured in the Townville Elementary shooting was — and whether or not they're in stable condition. Fortunately, while exact details pertaining to the victims, such as names, ages, and personal connections are not currently known (details about them may be released at a later date), the one thing authorities have said is that the female instructor injured Wednesday is doing well, after being treated by medical professionals.

This is because there is so much important information investigators and the police department are still trying to figure out, just hours after the shooting, the overall picture has remained a bit hazy. However, there were some details given about the teacher and those injured the Townville Elementary shooting during a 5 p.m. press conference which aired live on Facebook: Authorities stated that the teacher was a white female, and according to WYFF News 4, was shot in the shoulder. She, along with the other two students that were injured during the shooting, were receiving medical care in the hours after the shooting occurred at the nearby by AnMED hospital and the Greenville Hospital System's Pediatric Trauma Center.

According to ABC News, the teacher and one student are in good condition while the condition of the other student who was taken to Greenville is still unknown. According to WYFF News 4, the teacher has been released from the hospital for the night so she can return to her family. "Keep the injured students and their families in your thoughts and prayers," Anderson School District Superintendent Dr. Joanne Avery said during the press conference.

According to the press conference, at 1:45 p.m. an individual with a hand gun injured the three victims. WYFF News 4 reported that the shooting occurred on the playground and the shooter never entered the elementary school; It is still unclear how the three victims were injured. According to Anderson County officials, authorities do not believe that terrorism was involved and the community is not in danger at this time. The suspected shooter is 14-years-old and in police custody. According to a statement sent to Romper by a County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman, the alleged shooter was apprehended by a volunteer fireman who was physically able to take him down at the scene.

There is still so much information about the shooting and the victims that has yet to be released. Simple details like the names of the victims and why the victims were shot are all things that will be released in the future when more information becomes available. For now, news that at least one of the victims is in a good way should ease people's anxious minds, if only a little.