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After Hometowns, 'The Bachelor' *Should* Have Its Final Two Women — Probably

Mere weeks are left on Colton's journey to find true-ish love. The Season 23 Bachelor is down to the final four contestants vying for his heart, bringing hometowns to the forefront. That means four chances to envision himself into each family, and four chances to question whether putting a ring on it will ultimately make him happy. Of the four women remaining, it's hard to say who Colton's final two will be, but in the most non-spoiler type of way, here's the way I think it'll go down.

The final two women haven't been revealed yet — unless you're scouring the internet's spoiler zones — so assuming you want to find out as it airs, like I do, I think the final two could be Cassie and Tayshia. Ellen Degeneres has her own idea of who the final two will be, saying the final two will be Cassie and Caelynn. Based on the last episode, I think Ellen's only partially correct.

First of all, Cassie has been a strong frontrunner from the start, gaining support among the most devoted Bachelor Nation fans. She could certainly be the one Colton chooses to offer his final rose.

Following the recent drama involving Cassie and Caelynn in which the two were accused of coming to the show with the wrong motives, I think if Colton was to choose one of the two he'd send Caelynn home. His chemistry with Cassie is stronger, and, it's possible the previous drama between Caelynn and Hannah B. might still linger in the back of his mind. That's one theory, anyway.

If you assume that theory is spot on, that would leave Tayshia, Hannah G., and Cassie. So how would Colton narrow it down from three to two? Take a trip down memory lane. Hannah G. received the First Impression rose and seems to have a strong connection with Colton. She's drama-free and appears to be in it for the right reasons. However, she has strong competition with Tayshia and Cassie and I'm not sure Hannah G. and Colton's relationship is any stronger or better than what he has with the other two.

And though Tayshia outed Cassie and Caelynn for being there for "the wrong reasons," (which could have put her at risk for going home) Colton has a soft spot for her. It's always a risk to have that conversation, and though Colton kept her for now — and will visit her hometown of Newport Beach, California — her history has some controversial points. Us Weekly reported that she was in an exclusive relationship, right up until it was time for her to start filming The Bachelor. Hmm. All of her charms may or may not be enough to win Colton's heart, but she could still be part of the final two. Regardless who stays and who goes, there's always Bachelor in Paradise.

When it comes down to it, any of the remaining four could become the final two, depending on who you ask. While some vote for Cassie and Tayshia, others are set on Caelynn and Hannah G. If you're strong enough to avoid spoilers, all of it means it's anyone's guess. Besides, the most important questions isn't about who the final two will be — it's when Colton will jump the fence.

The Bachelor continues Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.