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Sorry, Ladies — A Hometown Visit Doesn't Mean You Get An Overnight Date

As Season 23 of The Bachelor winds down, Colton is closer than ever to finding "the one," or something like it. In recent weeks, some women without a rose left, or were told their time had come to an end. The most recent episode proved no different with Heather, Kirpa, and Hannah B. packing their bags. The final four's hometown visits are near and soon that number will be whittled down to only those who get overnight dates on The Bachelor with the Fantasy Suites. So who are the chosen few?

Without revealing any major spoilers, the ABC promo shows four women: Caelynn, Tayshia, Hannah G., and Cassie. So, let me grab my internet and reality TV investigative hat to narrow this thing down. Colton will travel to each of their hometowns to meet their families and do the obligatory "ask for her hand in marriage" thing with protective parents and guardians. In the week following those (sometimes uncomfortable) visits, Colton can invite the remaining three women on a "fantasy suite" date, which lasts all night long. Of course, Colton or the women he asks may choose not to use the date card.

And previous episodes prove Colton won't keep someone around if it's not a fit. To know who'll make it into the suite with Mr. Underwood, it's important to consider each contestant's history on, and off, the show.

Starting with Tayshia — who has been married once already — the two had a strong connection from the start. Their dates are full of chemistry, and Colton seems to genuinely be into her. While I don't know what will come of this hometown visit, I think Tayshia's chances of scoring the overnight date card are pretty darn high. She did just wear a football jersey with his name on it. This isn't to say she will definitely make it to the end, but all signs point to Tayshia getting pretty far in the competition. After all, Colton admitted that he's falling in love with her after their one-on-one outing in Denver.

Next up is Cassie. For whatever reason, Colton has had a major thing for Cassie from their first meeting. It's clear he's drawn to her and even after Kirpa called Cassie out for not being there for the right reasons, Colton chose to send Kirpa home and keep Cassie. That says a lot. And though the internet has long since thought Cassie was a frontrunner, I'm not convinced she's the best choice. She has, after all, already appeared on the reality show Young Once, which follows college life and her relationship with an ex. Oh, boy. Maybe the long-awaited fence-jump will be because of her.

Caelynn may have received the first kiss on camera, and may have recently said she was falling in love with Colton, but that doesn't mean she'll end up in the suite post-hometowns. With all the drama, I think Colton will realize she isn't the one for him.

And for Hannah G., the winner of the First Impression rose, well, I'm not so sure she'll get the overnight either. She may be drama-free, and has built a solid foundation with Colton, but there's something a little off about the two of them together. For one, she hasn't opened up much, and going to the overnight is a big deal. That could ultimately be a deal-breaker.

Obviously none of this answers the question as to who receives an overnight date because again, no spoilers here, my friends. Knowing Colton, he's not going to ask just anyone to spend the night, so I do think one or more of the remaining women will be sent home before, or immediately after, the invitation to the fantasy suites.

The Bachelor continues Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.