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Who Will Perform At The Democratic Convention? Some Major Names Have Already Confirmed

It looks like the Democratic National Convention will bring together not only the biggest names in politics, but also some of the biggest names in entertainment as performers, according to ABC News. Although the convention committee hasn’t yet released the official program, to be held next week at the Wells Fargo Center in downtown Philadelphia, some details about the planned slate of performances have been made public. And exactly who will perform at the Democratic National Convention? Various news reports have confirmed that the organizers have lined up some major artists to perform.

The Democrats’ time in the political spotlight kicks off on Monday, July 25 with a party convention built around presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton’s “vision for an America that is ‘Stronger Together,’” according to the committee’s official press statement. According to that statement, the list of speakers includes a cross-cut of leaders from all levels, including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

As for the performers slated to participate in the convention, ABC News reported late last week that the outlet had obtained a scheduling document for the 2016 Democratic National Convention outlining more than 170 events happening around the city featuring artists including Lenny Kravitz, Janelle Monae, Lady Gaga, Idina Menzel, and Cyndi Lauper.

And if that’s not promising enough, rapper Snoop Dogg will perform on the final night of the Democratic Convention, according to Politico. A Clinton supporter from the start of her campaign, Snoop agreed to perform on a “unity night” hosted by the Priorities USA super PAC, the Senate Majority PAC, and the House Majority PAC, according to that report.

After a week of conservative athletes and celebrities at the Republican National Convention, it’s probably no surprise that the DNC lineup features so many big names. But the strategy wasn’t just about which candidate had the most impressive names in entertainment on speed dial. In a separate story, convention committee CEO Leah Daughtry told Politico recently that the event was meant to symbolize party unity:

Our team has transformed this arena into what will be the epicenter of American politics next week, what we intend to be the most inclusive, most engaging, innovative, and forward-looking convention ever. On this podium next week you will see a stark contrast to what you saw in Cleveland this week.

The Democrats’ focus on locking in popular entertainers and celebrities for the Philly event may also be part of the Clinton campaign’s plan to engage younger voters. During her primary race against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Clinton maintained her status as favorite among older voters, according to the Washington Post, but when it came to the under-30 crowd, Sanders won more votes than Clinton and Trump combined, the Post reported.

So, it’s important that the Democratic Convention position Clinton not just as an experienced, accomplished leader, but also as an energetic, charismatic Sanders alternative in the eyes of that massive block of potential voters. As the DNC continues to roll out details of the party convention, scheduled for July 25-28, it’s clear that the convention organizers take that job seriously.