Who Will Play Doody On 'Grease: Live'? Jordan Fisher Will Reinvent The Goofy T-Bird

On Sunday, Jan. 31, FOX will be taking all of us to school with Grease: Live: the one-night, live musical production. While there has been a lot of talk about the show’s lead starsJulianne Hough as Sandy, Vanessa Hudgens as iconic bad girl Rizzo, and Broadway star Aaron Tveit, as Danny — I couldn’t help but wonder who will be playing Doody, the playful, goofy, and — arguably — most memorable member of the T-birds?

Good news Doody devotees: I have an answer! Jordan Fisher, star of Teen Beach and Teen Beach 2, will be joining the cast of Grease: Live. In a Tweet late last year, Fisher announced the good news:

SO stoked to finally announce that I’m joining the cast of @GreaseLive on @FOXTV – ???? Those magic chaaaaaanges.

While Fisher may be a Hollywood newcomer, his triple-threat talent, charisma, and perseverance make his portrayal promising. During a recent interview with Talk Nerdy With Us, Fisher spoke about his role, and what we can expect from Grease: Live:

We’re doing the stage production of the show [by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey]...obviously, we’re going off of elements of the film that people grew up knowing and loving as well, but where the film is concerned it was very much centered on Danny, Kenickie, the T-Birds, Sandy and Rizzo. [However,] in the Broadway production the T-birds consisted of five very different people with different personalities and stories. [And] we get to see that in our musical...it’s exciting to be able to re-introduce a show that everyone knows and loves so well. But, it’s also like people are seeing Grease for the first time, because they will be seeing it how it was originally conceived. It’s super exciting!

Fischer went on to explain that his Doody will differ a bit from the Doody many of people grew up with, according to Talk Nerdy With Us:

Doody is a little different from what everyone knows him as...[h]e has a caterpillar to butterfly story in that anybody can have a dream and achieve it...[and,] for me, that really hit close to home. I mean everyday I get to wake up and do what I love. I think ultimately that’s what Doody wants.

How this portrayal plays out remains to be seen, but I am both excited and optimistic.

Images: Grease: Live/FOX (2)