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Princess Margaret Will Undergo Major Changes In 'The Crown' Season 3

Each season of The Crown spans about a decade, beginning with Queen Elizabeth II taking the throne. Because each season covers 10 years but only a year passes between each season, it was always understood that the cast would change over time. Therefore, in Season 3, there will be a whole new cast. Olivia Coleman will replace Claire Foy as the queen, but who will play Princess Margaret in The Crown Season 3?

Although the show primarily focuses on Queen Elizabeth, it also gives insight into the lives of the other royals, including her husband Prince Philip and her younger sister, Princess Margaret. In the first season, fans became enamored with Margaret's love affair with Peter Townsend and felt for her when it had to come to an end. However, in Season 2, Margaret is still looking for love, and unlike her sister, she's not afraid to fall outside of the expectations of the British monarchy. Vanessa Kirby has done an incredible jump playing Princess Margaret, so it'll be hard to see someone else fill the role.

Thus far, there's been no announcement about who will step in as Princess Margaret, but that's not surprising since production on the third season hasn't begun yet. So far, only Foy's replacement has been announced, and fans may have to wait a little while before they get more information about what, and who, to expect in Season 3.

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One thing fans can expect in Season 3 is the downfall of Princess Margaret's marriage to Antony Armstrong-Jones, who became the 1st Earl of Snowdon after they were married. Their eventual divorce was first royal divorce since Henry VIII's way back in 1540. Lord Snowdon first makes an appearance in Season 2, played by Matthew Goode, and in this season fans will see the start of their romance and their marriage, which took place in 1960 (Season 2 ends in 1964). However, Season 3 will focus primarily on the downfall of their marriage and eventual divorce.

"In Season 3... we'll see the break up of this extraordinary marriage between Margaret and Snowdon," the show history consultant, Robert Lacey, told Town & Country. "This season, you see how it starts, and what a strange character, a brilliant character Snowdon was."

Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon first separated in 1976, and then got divorced in 1978. That same year Lord Snowdon then married Lucy Lindsay-Hogg, the former wife of a film director, but they then divorced in 2008. Just as Princess Margaret was known as being a bit of a rebel or black sheep in the royal family, Lord Snowdon also had a reputation for being promiscuous and an avid party goer. It was also heavily rumored that he was bisexual. Princess Margaret never remarried and died in February 2002. Lord Snowdon passed away in January of this year.

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It'll be interesting to see how far the show delves into Margaret and Lord Snowdon's torrid love affair and marriage. No doubt Season 2 and 3 will delve deeper into what led to Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon's split and what happened to both of them afterward.

Before their relationship falls apart, though, you can see how they first fell in love during this season of The Crown. Prior to becoming the Earl of Snowdon, Antony was a photographer and film maker, which is how he met Princess Margaret in the first place. See their love story play out in The Crown Season 2, which is now streaming on Netflix.

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