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'Big Brother 19' Will Deliver A New Temptation

by Zakiya Jamal

It's only Day 1 of Big Brother 19 and there has already been a ton of twists and an evicted houseguest. Now, fans will have a chance to give one houseguest another temptation. So who will win the Pendant of Protection on Big Brother 19? At this point, it could go to anyone.

As always, fans get an opportunity to be part of the Big Brother game and this season it's through the use of temptations, which makes sense considering that's the basis of this year's theme. Each week fans will get to vote online to decide which houseguest will be offered a temptation. However, once a houseguest is chosen, they can't receive another temptation later on in the game. Therefore, fans must choose wisely.

The first temptation is called the Pendant of Protection and it's definitely a game-changer. The pendant will keep the houseguest safe from being nominated or evicted for the next three evictions. But, of course, there's a catch. Every temptation comes with a consequence and the houseguest probably won't know what that is until they choose to accept the temptation.

Kevin was the first houseguest to accept a temptation, though this wasn't given to him by the fans. Though there were consequences, in the end they seemed to be worth it. Kevin got $25,000, but he'll have to throw the first Head-of-Household competition. His choice also led to Paul, from Season 18, returning and swapping out Cameron, who was the first houseguest to get evicted. Also benefiting Kevin is the fact that none of the houseguests know that he was the one who accepted the temptation. At least, not yet.

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Fans have until noon EST on Thursday, June 29 to vote for which houseguest they want to receive the temptation. Unsurprisingly, fans have already started discussing and campaigning for who they believe should get the Pendant of Protection. However, some superfans are upset with this twist because it feels a bit too similar to the America's Care Package twist from last season and it definitely is a familiar concept.

Fans got to send their favorite houseguests a gift to help them in the game, but once a houseguest received a care package they couldn't receive another. The only difference this season is that a consequence that comes with the temptation and the houseguest has more of a choice on whether or not to accept the gift.

Even so, the twist is certainly interesting and depending on who gets the first temptation and whether or not they accept it, that could really change the game. Fans can tune in Thursday night to see who wins when the two-night season premiere continues at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.