Who Won The National Dog Show? Charlie The Skye Terrier, And He Is So Adorable — PHOTOS

While football, turkey, and shameless overindulgence tends to take center stage, Thanksgiving Day also means the beloved American Kennel Club's National Dog Show Sponsored by Purina is back. The 14-year-old competition is nothing but a cute-fest of adorable dogs who parade around their hyper-primped selves in the hopes of winning the coveted Best In Show. This year's winner definitely did not disappoint. Internet, meet the devastatingly charming Charlie, a skye terrier and grand champion of... being a dog this year? GRAND CHAMPION OF BEING A DOG THIS YEAR!

Charlie — whose formal name is GCH CH Cragsmoor Good Time Charlie — is a four-and-a-half-year-old skye terrier from Ocala, Florida. Charlie beat out 1,700 other dogs to win his 79th Best In Show title of his dog-eat-dog career. (He also has over 200 first-place showings so, yeah, this dog doesn't mess around.)

While the competition was rather stiff — Charlie went up against an Ascob Cocker Spaniel, a Newfoundland, a bearded collie, among others — it didn't take the judges very long to realize that Charlie was something special. Co-Host John O'Hurley told People, "The moment he entered the ring, I turned to David and said, 'Wow! Heads and tails above the competition.'"

And while Charlie has clearly earned congratulations and praise, I can't help but think of all the other fabulous and wonderful dogs who don't compete in the National Dog Show, but totally should and could easily take home the grand prize. Sure, Charlie is adorable and there's no doubt about it, but these 10 dogs are my every day winners because JUST LOOK AT THEM.

This Magic Pug

The stairs are lava! And my heart is about to overdose on cuteness!

Josie The Bernese Mountain Pup

I'm dying. I'm dead and I'm dying. Goodbye, world.


Look, blinds are tough you guys. I have a hard time working them and I've been blessed with opposable thumbs. Give this kid a break.

This Whistling Dog

Because that's just impressive.

Lexi The Samoyed

If I could have this kind of a gentle wake up call every morning, I probably wouldn't be such an insufferable grouch. (I also wouldn't get out of bed, but that's neither here nor there.)

This Babysitter Dog

What a responsible (and so precious) pup!

This Rockstar Pug

Any dog who can play the drums to "Enter Sandman" by Metallica is a hero in my book.

Grace The Golden Retriever

I definitely could have used a dog like this when I was a lazy teenager. (OK, I could use a dog like this now and always.)

This Piano-Playing Pooch

Beethoven, eat your heart out.

Jiff The Pomeranian


I mean, you're doing alright, Charlie, but you've still got a lot of competition.

Image: Carl Court/Getty Images