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Members Of The Clown Cult On 'AHS: Cult' Are Finally Coming Out Of The Woodwork

This season of American Horror Story has forever changed the song "Send in the Clowns" for me. AHS: Cult may not have any supernatural elements like other seasons, but that doesn't mean it's not just as terrifying. In the first few episodes, people in a cozy Michigan town are being murdered at the hands of anonymous clowns. This all has occurred after the 2016 election and has only made residents — like Sarah Paulson's Ally — even more fearful. But who's in the clown cult on American Horror Story? Kai's followers are starting to come together.

Each episode of American Horror Story reveals more information about what's really going on. Before last Tuesday's episode, "11/9," viewers knew that the clowns terrorized Ally and killed several of her neighbors. After the election, though, Ally's phobias (which range from clowns to trypophobia) started taking over her life. Because of her PTSD, she would have visions once a phobia is triggered. This is why, initially, I wasn't sure if these clowns were even real. For example, they showed up to freak her out while she was out grocery shopping. What are killer clowns doing at a grocery store? Buying funfetti cake? I didn't buy it; I thought it was in Ally's head.

The latest episode, though, has all but confirmed the clowns are real (so does the body count, but that's another point). In "11/9," it's revealed that a grocery store employee Gary Longstreet was influenced by Kai. He could've easily let those clowns in his store to mess with Ally, and then deny it later to discredit her. It was also revealed how Harrison and Meadow joined the cult: Kai helped Harrison kill his abusive boss, and promised to take away his fear. It's safe to say he did the same with Meadow — and seeing as she's in a sexless marriage with her gay husband and just had to foreclose on their house, she was in a bad place and wanted saving as well.

Harrison and Meadow's first acts under Kai was killing Serina, a TV news reporter and enemy of Beverly Hope. Kai was looking to recruit Beverly, and wanted to use this killing as a way to show how much he'll help her. In the scene, three clowns descended upon her and her cameraman: a three-faced clown, a ballgagged clown, and a green-haired clown. It's easy to tell who's who in this scenario: the three-faced one seemed like the ringleader, and didn't really do the dirty work himself. This is probably Kai. The green-haired one is tall and stocky, so it's safe to say that's Harrison. The ballgagged clown was small and in a dress, so she's most likely Meadow.

There are a lot more clowns that are wreaking havoc, though; as Kai attracts more followers, viewers will see who the clowns become. Some, like @ahsleaks on Twitter, suspect that the clown with hands descending from her head is Beverly, as they're seen wearing the same shirt. One ongoing theory is that Ally's wife, Ivy, is actually part of the cult as well. Reddit user jae_sia pointed out that she was wearing a similar shirt to one of the clowns in an early episode.

Another point for Ivy being in this cult is that they're using tactics to scare Ally that they wouldn't know about otherwise, like Harrison's mask (trypophobia, anyone?). Regardless, three clowns are confirmed as of now (and confirmed real), and more will be revealed as they terrorize their town further. I don't know if Ryan Murphy knew about the release of It or what, but fall 2017 is filled with way more murderous clowns than I can handle.

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