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Get To Know 'Married At First Sight: Honeymoon Island' Cast *ASAP*

Married at First Sight is giving a few lucky past participants from the show another shot at love. That's right — 16 people get to experience life on an exotic island without the distractions of, you know, life, in the way of making a forever connection. No pressure though. The Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island cast includes new participants, fan faves, and those unable to find their mate on other seasons. At the end of their stay, they have to choose whether to commit to a marriage or leave the island and go back to normal life, alone. That descriptor alone makes this my new favorite show.

The new eight-episode series will feature MAFS experts, Pastor Cal and Dr. Jessica Griffin to help match the singles up. The new show is essentially the same premise as the original Married at First Sight (which premiered in 2014), with a different location and situation. Though, the end goal for all participants is to get hitched. Maybe the sun and sand will move things along. If you're already setting the DVR for the coconut-infused MAFS spinoff, let me introduce you to the cast, officially.

Eric Acosta, 31, from Denver, CO

Eric's last serious relationship ended because of how much work required him to travel. Major bummer, but it happens. But the good news is, he's still looking for someone to share his life with.

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Jona Bienko, 35, from Como, CO

Jona the auto broker was almost matched up in Season 4 of Married at First Sight but ultimately didn't go all the way. Maybe this is the second chance he's been looking for, maybe not. I'll still watch though.

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Corey Saunders, 31, from Boston, MA

Corey has a whole list of titles including founder and CEO of BEFIT, and "2017 Boston’s Most Eligible Bachelor." Maybe business had his heart before but now it's time for love.

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Brandin Brosh, 28, from Biloxi, MS

Brandin owns a clothing boutique but still feels like she's missing something in her life. That's because Ms. Brosh refuses to settle — especially when one serious boyfriend (her longest relationship) cheated on her.

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Isabella McKenzie, 25, from Atlanta, GA

Isabella went all the way to the finals on Married at First Sight: Second Chances but in the end, the match with David Norton just wasn't it. This hostess with the mostest has high standards and isn't afraid to say so. Get it, girl.

Bryan McKay, 40, from Miami, FL

Bryan can't get into the whole dating app scene. The estimator by trade got pretty far during Season 4 of MAFS but ultimately couldn't find his mate.

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Chris Perry, 29, from Binghamton, NY

Chris has a lot of jobs: musician, personal trainer, and youth counselor. But this romantic wants to find the right person to give his heart to. Aww.

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Lizzie Muse, 30, from Boston, MA

Lizzie's been through this process before when she applied for Season 6 of MAFS. Although they couldn't find a match for her then, perhaps a little island sun will do the trick.

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Mekalya Silvera, 32, from Miami, FL

Mekalya does hair by day, but at night she wants to go home to a partner. She applied to be on Season 4 of MAFS but her match opted out. Second time's the charm?

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Tyler Moody, 26, from Greeley, CO

Owning a construction company is tough stuff. It'd be a whole lot sweeter if Tyler could find his match on Honeymoon Island.

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Shannon Raddler, 33, from Atlanta, GA

This pharmaceutical sales rep appeared on Married at First Sight: Second Chances in Atlanta when he dated Vanessa Nelson. The two didn't get married — which is why he's here.

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Kimber Gardner, 28, from Las Vegas, NV

Kimber is looking for someone as career-focused as she is (she's a medical sales rep), but also fun and light-hearted. Aren't we all?

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Jocelyn Thompson, 30, from Los Angeles, CA

Jocelyn's a fan of MAFS and hopes to find her match while on the island. With everything else in her life figured out, a little romance might make things that much sweeter.

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Katie Muller, 28, from Denver, CO

Katie's in digital advertising and loves adventure. Admittedly, she's usually one for dating apps. Maybe the island is the perfect place for distraction-free connections.

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Travis Dalton, 30, from Bluffton, SC

Travis the aerospace engineer has it all. Well, everything except love. Even his sister matched on MAFS: Second Chance so maybe this will be Travis's year.

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Jada Rashawn, 27, from San Antonio, TX

This professional nanny placement specialist won't settle and major props for that. Jada took off three years after a hard breakup so she deserves to find love.

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Who knows if any of these singles will find a connection but if it's anything like Bachelor in Paradise, I'm all in.

Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.