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Who's Under The Sheet On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? These 5 Theories Explore Options

The third season of How to Get Away with Murder has already left us with a lot of questions, as the show tends to do. A few of those questions are: Who sets Annalise's house on fire? Who's in the house? What is Frank up to? Why is Wes dating Meggy? The most important question so far though is who's under the sheet? With each passing episode it's revealed who's not under the sheet, which means we still have a while to go until we know who is. Until then fans have come up with multiple theories about who's under the sheet on How to Get Away with Murder.

This season has been all about the drawn out reveal. Each week, fans of the show watch as one person is revealed to not be under the sheet. By process of elimination, we'll learn who is dead under the sheet. Here's just a few of some of the notable theories.

Annalise Set The Fire To Get Rid Of Evidence

This theory is a bit of stretch but Reddit user snells_law suggests that Annalise or Frank retrieved Rebecca's body, planted it in the house, and then set the house on fire to tie up loose ends. Both Rebecca and Sam were killed in Annalise's house so that would destroy any residual evidence still in the house and it would get rid of Rebecca's body at the same time. The flaw with this theory is Rebecca died almost a year ago so her body would be very decomposed and it would be obvious she didn't die in the fire. Also, why tie up these loose ends now when it seems everyone has moved on from both of these cases? Unless something happens leading up to the fire this seems unlikely.

Nate's Under The Sheet

As Reddit user shaylw points out, Nate has been in Annalise's house every single episode so far this season, particularly at night, which is when the fire will take place. It wouldn't be surprising if he was in the house the night of the fire and he ends up dead because of it.

Meggy's Involved With The Fire Somehow

Remember way back in Season 1 when Rebecca texted, "Eggs911," before she was killed by Bonnie. We later found out Eggs was a nickname she used with her foster brother, Levi, but what if it also means something else. Reddit user candiceislove suggests mEGGy is up to no good and is somehow connected to Rebecca. Meggy is possibly only dating Wes to find out what happened to Rebecca and then she'll exact her revenge on Annalise or Annalise will catch on to her plot and it's Meggy that's under the sheet. That would be an interesting twist.

Frank Is Under The Sheet

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Although Laurel lied to Annalise and Bonnie about knowing where Frank is Annalise will probably figure out the truth; she always does. Reddit user originaloctavia suggests Annalise will lure Frank to the house somehow and use the fire to kill him. The other body that's found will probably be Laurel who was in contact with Frank, knew something was wrong, went to the house to investigate, and ended up caught in the crosshairs.

Connor's Under The Sheet

In the second episode of Season 3 Connor admitted to his client that he killed someone and Annalise heard him do so. Additionally Connor has lost it before, back in Season 1 after they killed Sam, but he had Oliver there to calm him down. Now that he and Oliver have broken up Connor may not be able to keep it together, which may just be his downfall. Reddit user 0816kris suggests Annalise will use the fire to get rid of Connor who she may begin to see as a lose end. However, Oliver seemed pretty calm when he showed up at the house so one would think if it was Connor he would be more upset. Then again he may not know.