Someone's Getting Hitched On 'JTV,' But Who?

"Chapter Fifty-Four" of Jane the Virgin was an episode fans will never forget for a multitude of reasons. While I'm still reeling from Michael's death, I can't help but wonder whose wedding is Jane is going to on Jane the Virgin? Thankfully, showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman told Deadline fans will find out whose wedding it is in the first few minutes of the next episode, but that still leaves plenty of time to theorize and there are a lot of possibilities, given all the potential couples at play.

The best guess is it's Xio's wedding. Prior to the time jump, Xio told Jane and Alba that she was planning on moving in with Bruce in the near future. The time jump is three years from that point in time, so it's totally plausible that she and Bruce have not only moved in together during that time, but have gotten engaged as well. However, it's also possible Jane's other parent is the one getting ready to tie the knot.

Although matchmaker Darci was hesitant to give Rogelio a chance, the two began tentatively dating in the past few episodes, both on and off-screen. Before the time jump, Rogelio agreed to do a reality show with Darci, which seemed like a pretty big step in their relationship. Could the show have brought them closer and led to their impending nuptials? Or are they having a shot gun wedding because they're finally having the baby that brought them together in the first place? There are a lot of scenarios for a Rogelio and Darci wedding and they may be the most likely couple to be getting married.

There's also the less likely options to consider. For example, maybe Rafael and Petra are getting married again. According to Urman during the same Deadline interview, Rafael definitely went to jail, but if he was right about how much jail time he'd get, he would've only gone for two years and the time jump is three years. Maybe his time in the pen made him realize Petra's the woman he really wants to be with. Plus, remember when Rafael and Anezka slept together? Rafael said he didn't feel anything, but then the narrator subtly noted that was because he didn't sleep with Petra.

It's become painfully clear that everything the narrator says has meaning and the fact that he made this comment makes me think if Rafael had slept with Petra, those feelings would definitely still be there. Also, the only thing that was ever holding Petra back from being with Rafael again was that he still had feelings for Jane and that's over now so the door's wide open. It's really just a question of whether or not they decided to give their relationship another try.

Fans can find out who's getting hitched when Jane the Virgin airs on Monday at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.