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Here's Why Every Mom You Know Can't Stop Talking About Fingerlings

Everyone has their own style of parenting. Some parents may want their kids to learn hard lessons through sacrifice and hard work, while others may not want their kids to even taste the struggle they had to go through themselves. No matter what your parenting style, you can’t help but want to get your kids the toys they’ve been going on about, and this year, those toys are Fingerlings. These little interactive robots are at the top of every kid's wish list, but why are moms obsessed with Fingerlings?

All moms are different, so their reasons for obsessing of over this year's hottest toy will differ too. The most obvious reason is that Fingerlings will make their kids happy, so moms will do whatever it takes to get them. As a mom, caring for your child’s happiness and well-being is ingrained into the core of your being, so it’s understandable if you get a little carried away when it comes to their favorite toys.

But there is a gray line between doing things for your kids for fun and spoiling them, and this line can change, blur, and differ for every family. Child psychologist Sal Severe explained to Parents that even though getting your kids everything they want can be fun, it could backfire if you don’t keep it reigned in, leading kids to continuously look for the next new thing for fulfillment. As long as kids have a balanced understanding of the world, and can learn to appreciate what they have, I think it’s OK to obsess a little over the toys they want.

I also think that if Fingerlings were more easily available, there may not be a reason to obsess. These adorable little robots have been sold out online and in stores for months, making finding them a challenge. So, it could very well be that challenge turns into obsession, because if Fingerlings were super easy to find, you wouldn’t really have to spend time thinking about how to get one.

Another reason moms might be going gaga over Fingerlings is the fact that they they are cute, easy to carry, interactive robots that their kids can enjoy at a really affordable price. Most robotic toys are hard to use and cost upwards of $100, but Fingerlings respond and react with sounds and animations pretty easily and have a retail price point of just $15 to $18, depending on the character. Fingerlings can actually blink their eyes, and turn their heads, while they giggle, burp, fart, and sleep, all prompted by your motion and sound, and they’re easy and fun to carry around.

I'm a tech nerd, so for me, the thought of my kids getting to interact and play with a robotic toy is exciting, because I'm one of those people who marvels in the science and artificial intelligence that fuels the development of robots. So for a mom who loves tech, a new gadget-like toy is a no brainer, and she’d probably enjoy playing with it just as much as her kids.

Moms obsessing over kids' toys is no new phenomenon. When I was a kid, my mother trekked all over the city and stood in line for hours to get me the Cabbage Patch doll I wanted for Christmas. And after all these years, I can actually appreciate her love and dedication to making that Christmas so special for me. I remember how happy I was to unwrap that doll, and when I think of the toys my kids want, I assume I’ll be creating the same happy memories for them.

I was admittedly a little obsessed with finding a Fingerling for my daughter, and I could have splurged the extra cash and gotten one off of Ebay for double or triple the price from a toy flipper, but I decided to wait until after the holidays when they might become easier to find.

Moms will do what it takes for their kid’s happiness, including standing in lines in the freezing cold, staying up all night to refresh a website, or spending extra to get their kids the toys they want. Regardless of the reason, just remember, there is no force of nature more strong-willed than a mom.

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