Why Aren't Instagram Tags Working? Some Users Are Reporting Issues

On Tuesday, after a nifty new Instagram update, a few people reported having issues with Instagram's tagging feature, noting that they couldn't tag friends in pictures before or after posting snapshots to the app. Instagram's latest update should really only affect the app's Stories feature, so why aren't Instagram tags working? And, more importantly, when will they be back to normal?

Romper reached out to Instagram for comment, but did not immediately hear back. According to Instagram's help center, though, the app doesn't have any known issues to report at the moment, so it could just be that a few users are having isolated issues. Alternatively, the app update could have brought a glitch in with it that will need to be patched by the social media giant, which wouldn't be too surprising either. (Just last week, Instagram had to fix a bug that, bizarrely, skyrocketed users' pictures to the top of the app's "Explore" page when geo-tagged as Singapore.)

Regardless of whether the issue is widespread or not, however, users should be taking the same steps to make Instagram aware of the problem. If you're having trouble tagging users in your posts — or encountering any other issues, for that matter — here's what you should do.

Make Sure It's The App, Not You

Before you start sending Instagram snarky tweets about their bug, make sure it's not your phone that's the problem. Try re-starting your phone, uninstalling and reinstalling Instagram, and making sure your Internet connection isn't acting up. If you're still having issues, proceed to step two.

Let Instagram Know

If you're still having trouble, your next step is to report the bug to Instagram so they can check it out. To do so, open your app and go to your profile. Tap the drop-down menu in the top-right corner, then scroll down to the "Support" section. From there, click "Report a Problem," then "Report a Problem" again. From there, select the problem you're having and include as many relevant details as possible for Instagram's tech folks (what kind of phone do you have? Did you update the app? Did you have the problem multiple times?). You can also include a screenshot of the issue.

After that, cross your fingers and wait for an answer. Hopefully, Instagram's tagging troubles will be resolved soon, so we can all swiftly go back to tagging our friends in photos they disapprove of.