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Ally Made A Surprising Decision On 'AHS: Cult'

Sarah Paulson's Ally has been terrorized the entire season. Since the 2016 election, she has been experiencing PTSD symptoms — but sometimes her triggers have been there on purpose. Since the beginning, Kai has been orchestrating his cult to scare, but not kill, Ally. All the while, her wife Ivy was in on the cult as well. But something changed in Tuesday's episode, though: Ally's now apart of the group that terrorized her all season. So why did Ally join Kai's cult on American Horror Story? The way I see it is she'll go through anything to get her son Oz back.

At the start of AHS: Cult, I underestimated Ally. At first I thought Ivy and Dr. Vincent, her psychiatrist, were right and that everything she was seeing was in her head. It quickly became apparent, though, that Ally wasn't "crazy": Kai was targeting her. Unlike his other victims, though, he didn't set his band of clowns to kill her. Rather, they would show up to her restaurant, house, grocery store and set off her PTSD triggers. Ivy, who was in on the cult, insisted that Ally was just sick. Over the course of the season, though, Ally became wise as to what was going on. Not only were the clowns not a figment of her imagination, but her neighbors and wife were in on it.

When Meadow revealed to Ally that Ivy was in the cult and they were coming after her, she decided to take action. In the episode "Mid Western Assassin," she attempted to stop Meadow from shooting into a crowd of people at a rally for Kai, but she couldn't. Instead, she was arrested for holding the gun (even though there was footage of Meadow committing the crimes?) and subsequently lost the right to see her son, Oz. In between then and the latest episode, "Winter of Our Discontent," Ally has regained some of her power — all while Kai seems to be losing some of his.

Ally was suspect of Kai from the beginning. He claimed to just want to run for city counsel, but Ally saw through it. On Tuesday's episode, she confronted Dr. Vincent for not believing her in the beginning. The doctor revealed that Kai is his brother, and he's behind everything; he must've gone through Ally's files to find out her triggers. (There goes the theory that Dr. Vincent is part of the cult, but this is far more interesting in my opinion.) Then, Ally went after Kai. While making him a sloppy joe sandwich, she told him she's not afraid anymore; she doesn't suffer from the PSTD she did at the beginning of the season.

Ally revealed to Kai that ultimately, she just wants to see Oz again and offer to give him vital information (intel on his brother's betrayal) in exchange for getting her son back. In the last scene of the episode, Kai brought his (now disjointed) cult together to take care of two dissenters: Beverly, and his brother Dr. Vincent. He banished Beverly to the isolation chamber (whatever that is), but ended up killing his own brother.

Kai then revealed the newest member of the cult — who was wearing Beverly's mask: Ally. Her wife, Ivy, was probably as shocked as the viewers. It's known that Ally's main motivation is Oz, so maybe this all traces back to him. Perhaps since Ally is in the cult, Kai won't come after her anymore; she won't seem "crazy" and instead be fit to see her son. The promo for the next episode heavily features Oz (where has he been while his mothers are parading in clown costumes!?), so what happens with their family will hopefully be addressed next week.

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