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Amanda & Robby's Breakup Came To Light On 'Paradise'

There are those couples on Bachelor in Paradise that you have a feeling they can actually make it, and those that you know are over by the plane ride back to the states. In Amanda and Robby's case, I was in the latter camp and figured they weren't meant to be. So why did Amanda and Robby break up after Bachelor in Paradise? On the show's finale, the twins (Haley and Emily) implied that there was a sinister reason for these two no longer being together. The twins accused Robby of cheating on Amanda — and that there was photographic evidence to prove it. (Romper reached out to Robby for comment about the matter, but has yet to hear back.)

In the beginning of Paradise, Amanda wasn't so into Robby because he was friends with Josh, whom Amanda was in a relationship with last season. She told Us Weekly, "I wasn’t interested in him at all and I was off limits to him because he’s friends with Josh." Soon, though, she began to warm up to the idea of a relationship. She continued, "We just kind of talked a little bit during the break and we just kind of enjoyed talking to each other I think. And then we just started hanging out more and more and then it just started turning into something."

Bachelor Nation shouldn't hold their breath, though; Robby and Amanda are no Evan and Carly. They parted ways post-Paradise, and Haley and Emily sparked some cheating rumors during the finale. Amanda explained the story to ET, saying that Robby's phone allegedly died when he missed a flight. "And later that day," she told ET, "a girl said he was at a Zac Brown Band concert and sent me photos of him looking like they were making out all over each other."

What does Robby have to say for himself when this was all brought to light? During the Bachelor in Paradise finale, he denied that anything happened with any other women in Colorado, though, according to Amanda, the photos did make him seem guilty. But she also admitted that since she wasn't there, she couldn't say for sure what really happened and wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt that he was telling the truth.

Regardless, they both agreed that they just wanted two different things out of the relationship, so they parted ways. But at least they seem to be on relatively good terms.