Why Did Callie & Penny Break Up On 'Grey's Anatomy'? There's A Pretty Good Reason

On Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy, the Calzona shippers finally got the break-up they've been waiting for. Since Callie lost the custody battle for Sofia, Callie and Penny haven't really been speaking. Penny told Callie that she changed their apartment in New York from a two bedroom to just a one bedroom now that Sofia won't be moving with them and Callie didn't even look her way. When Penny called Callie out on her behavior Callie just shook it off. Penny doesn't want them to leave for New York if they're in a bad place, but Callie doesn't seem to care.

Later, while "Pray You Catch Me" by Beyoncé plays in the background, Penny offers to stay a bit longer in Seattle so she and Callie can work things out but Callie isn't interested. She doesn't see the point in Penny prolonging the inevitable because all that will happen is they'll start to feel happy again and then Penny would leave for New York and their long distance relationship wouldn't last. Callie won't leave Seattle without Sofia and Penny would never forgive Callie if she gave up her grant to stay in Seattle. Callie feels stuck and knows there's no good solution for them and so Penny finally asks Callie flat out if Callie is breaking up with her and Callie says yes.

Richard Cartwright/ABC

So in the end, Callie will be staying in Seattle and although Arizona has made it perfectly clear that she owes Callie nothing, Callie will continue to do her best to stay in Sofia's life even though she no longer has custody. It was definitely a tough decision for Callie to end things with Penny but no parent would want to leave their child and move all the way across the country, even if they were in love.

Although it was sad to see Callie, once again, lose someone she loves she definitely made the right call. Leaving Sofia now, when she's at such a young age, would've been the wrong move and she probably would've resented Penny for being the cause of her separation from her child. And now that Callie is definitely not going to New York maybe fans can stop worrying about Sara Ramirez leaving the show. Then again, the Grey's Anatomy season finale is next week and anything could happen.