Chuck Hodes/FOX

Why Did Freda Shoot Jamal On 'Empire'? It's Not What It Looks Like

If you thought you'd get a break from the off-the-walls drama on Empire this week, think again. Freda shot Jamal on the latest episode of Empire, throwing fans for a major loop, yet again. While the hip hop drama has been teasing this chain of events for weeks now, there was absolutely no way to prepare fans for the madness that went down. Now the one lingering question on everyone's mind is, why did Freda shoot Jamal on Empire?

If you're at all like me, you were sitting at the edge of your seat all episode long in anticipation of the big shooting. "One Lyon will fall," the show has been continuously proclaiming, and although it was sort of predictable, I am still left in complete and utter shock. Let's recap with a play-by-play, shall we?

The big night has finally arrived and all the Empire artists hit the red carpet at the American Sound Awards. Things seemed to be all well and good until Carol, Cookie's sister, showed up evidently drunk. Carol gets all riled up after being ordered to leave immediately by Cookie, eventually bumping into Freda on the red carpet. But what does this have to do with Freda shooting Jamal? "You're only here because Lucious feels bad about your daddy," Carol shouts at Freda. If you recall, Lucious killed Freda's father, who was a big-time drug lord back in the day and the one responsible for turning Lucious onto drug dealing.

Chuck Hodes/FOX

Carol's comments serve as ammunition, fueling Freda to grab a gun from nearby security and shoot at the Lyon clan. It seems pretty clear that she was aiming for Lucious, but it quickly became apparent that Jamal was the one who was injured. So why did Freda actually mean to shoot Lucious? It appears Carol's comments helped Freda connect the dots as to who was responsible for her father's death, leading her to seek revenge. Now the question is, will Jamal survive?

Let's hope that the Jamal is able to pull through. It will be interesting to see the fall out regarding Jamal's status and regarding Freda's morals. She had come a long way since joining Empire Records, and now she's going to be put in jail for attempted homicide. Will she come back from that at all? Guess we'll have to tune in next week and find out!