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Fans Don't Think Isobel Really Killed Rosa On 'Roswell, New Mexico'

After weeks of being led to believe Michael murdered Rosa on Roswell, New Mexico, in the Feb. 12 episode, fans discovered that it was his sister Isobel who did the deed. There are still tons of questions surrounding the circumstances of her death, but the one thing fans are most curious about is exactly why Isobel killed Rosa on Roswell, New Mexico.

In Episode 5, Max finally admits to Liz that is was Isobel who killed Rosa, but he never mentions how or why. Now, after a one-week break, Roswell, New Mexico returns with Episode 6, titled “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” which features flashbacks of Rosa’s life and will detail the events leading up to her death. In a trailer, you can see Liz, Michael, Isobel, and Max as teenagers, and see how things went wrong and why Liz decided to leave Roswell. The episode may answer the question of why Isobel killed Rosa, and possibly reveal details on why Rosa was so mad at her on the day she died.

Many fans think Isobel may have killed Rosa during one of her blackouts. Episode 5 started with Isobel waking up in the desert with no clue how she got there, and when her brothers find her, she tells them she blacked out as she had done before. Reddit user, aplaceatthedq, thinks that she may have killed Rosa during one of those blackouts. “I was thinking maybe Isabel blacked out when she did it,” they wrote. “So maybe it is tied to that mystery,”

Some fans, like Reddit user, ricky_lafleur, think that Isobel killed Rosa and the other girls because their discovery of the pod chamber would threaten to expose Roswell’s alien presence. Another Redditor, phoenics1908, thinks that Isobel may have been under the influence of another alien when she did it. “I think Isobel's blackouts are when she's being mind-controlled by another alien,” wrote the Reddit user. “I think she did kill the girls - but only because she was controlled and commanded to do it by the other alien.”

But if Isobel is being controlled by another alien, that would mean she isn’t technically the real killer. Some fans suspect that some of the humans in town are actually aliens, and they might be the ones behind Rosa’s death. Plenty of theories point to Noah being the fourth alien on the show, but some people believe it could possibly be Grant Green, pointing out that his alien protection bracelet may hold a stone that could help him control other aliens.

“This would explain Isobel's blackouts, her waking up in a dirt pile with an alien symbol like she was transported there through a small wormhole, and her lost time,” wrote Redditor phoenics1908. “And it would explain why her handprint seems to be on Rosa. Because she did kill them - but she was mind-controlled to do it. It would also explain how Grant might not be dead and that he mind-controlled Wyatt to attack him and Liz both to ‘fake his death’.”

I’m totally on board with the “Isobel didn’t mean to do it” sentiment, because as uptight as she seems, I can’t see her being a stone cold murderer. Hopefully, with the flashback episode, fans will get a clearer picture on what went down the night that Rosa died, and whether or not Isobel is really to blame for her death.

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