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'Teen Mom' Leah's On-Again Off-Again Relationship Is Off-Again Once More

This isn't Leah Messer and Jason Jordan's first breakup, but from the way the Teen Mom 2 star talks about it, it will definitely be the last. But fans tuning in may be wondering why Leah and Jason broke up on Teen Mom 2. The series didn't show the split, since it didn't go down during filming. But Leah did reveal that she'd be talking more about the breakup on the show in an interview with Us Weekly, so fans can look forward to gaining more insight on what exactly went down.

Leah told Us Weekly, "It’s definitely done. Last time, he was going through a little bit of things, like, with his custody stuff. I was, like, 'He is going through a lot, let’s give it another chance.'" The couple first split in October of 2018 and got back together a month later. But ultimately, she said, "It was just a toxic relationship. It wasn’t great."

She doesn't appear to have very high hopes for dating in general, telling the magazine that it's difficult to tell who's in it for the ~right reasons~ when she's on TV. With three kids in the mix, Leah prefers to keep her expectations low and roll with whatever comes her way.

In fact, it sounded like the show had a lot to do with Leah and Jason's first breakup. Just before that split, Leah admitted in another Us Weekly interview that she worried about putting the relationship on air — and Jason turned out to be a huge part of her Season 9 storyline. Said Leah at the time:

I still worry about that, but I don’t think [the network was] going to let up on the fact...Like, they wanted to put him on, which is fine. I wouldn’t want to hide any part of my life. I try to be the most vulnerable that I can be for my fans and to share my journey with them … It’s still worrisome. You want to have somewhat of a private life, so that way there’s not any drama created around your stuff. But I’m fine it with it, as long as we’re being true to ourselves.

About two weeks after she gave that interview, they broke up. Unfortunately, it looks like their relationship couldn't take the pressure last year and couldn't take it this year, either. Their second breakup happened this past March.

According to InTouch, the Teen Mom 2 star performed a complete social media cleanse, scrubbing all evidence of her relationship with Jason by Mar. 18. Then there was a brief period where she posted some cryptic and vaguely shady messages across her social media accounts, including an Instagram Story post that read, "When someone shows you who they are believe them. Facts." But by Apr. 8, she was fully back in the "everything happens for a reason" place, telling People that the breakup was amicable. "I’m perfectly okay with it," she added. Needless to say, news of the final breakup has only filled the sails of fans still shipping Leah and Jeremy.