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Why Did Levi Catfish Oscar On 'Notorious'? He May Be Trying To Steal Oscar's Company

With each passing week it seems Notorious gets crazier and crazier and Thursday night's episode was no different. Thanks to Ryan it was discovered that not only did Levi send those pictures of Sarah, Oscar, and Jake to Julia but Levi also catfished Oscar on Notorious. Levi has been Oscar best friend and business partner for years so why did he catfish Oscar and for so long? There's a few possibilities.

When Julia confronted Levi about the photos he sent her she accused him of trying to slander Oscar so that he could take control of the company but Levi denied it, claiming he doesn't want Oscar's job. He then turned the tables on Julia and threatened to give the picture of Sarah and Jake to one of her competitors if she ran the story about him putting Julia in a stick situation. Things only got more interesting when Oscar confessed to Jake that he was having an online relationship with some woman, telling her all his secrets. After Ella and Jake discovered the woman, "Vicky," was actually a catfish Ella wanted to go to Levi to ask for help in finding out who the real "Vicky" was only to discover it was Levi all along.

Adam Taylor/ABC

Although Levi denied it, it definitely seems like he's trying to take over Oscar's company. That would explain why he catfished Oscar; to discover all of Oscar's secrets, both professional and personal. What better way to learn Oscar's every deep dark secret than to gain his trust through a fake internet relationship. It's definitely a terrible and shady thing to do, especially because Oscar trusted Levi, but it's not all that surprising with this cast of characters.

However, there's also another theory. Maybe Levi's actually in love with Oscar. Oscar was sexting with "Vicky" and he even admitted that for him it wasn't just a sexual thing but it was also very personal. Maybe Levi's in love with Oscar but knows Oscar isn't gay so he used the "Vicky" persona to act out a fake relationship with Oscar that he knew he could never have with him in real life. The only problem with this theory is if Levi really does love Oscar why would he send those incriminating photos to Julia?

There's obviously some very important details missing here. Hopefully we'll get more details and maybe even uncover the truth in the next episode of Notorious.