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Chelsea Isn't Sharing Everything With Arie On 'The Bachelor'

The premiere episode of The Bachelor is always a cluster of introduction packages and brand new drama for fans to sink their teeth into. One contestant has already stood out as controversial: Chelsea Roy, a single mother, though she has yet to reveal that fact to the man whose heart she's vying for, Arie Luyendyk Jr. So why didn't Chelsea tell Arie she has a kid on The Bachelor? During a video reel at the beginning of the episode, the 29-year-old described that being a mother is hard but rewarding. She was also so attracted to Arie because he was on Emily Maynard's Bachelorette season, and Emily was a single mom at the time as well. So not only is Arie down to be a step parent, but he actually fell in love with a single mother previously, which she feels is a good sign that they should be together.

Chelsea immediately made waves in The Bachelor mansion because she was the first person to talk to Arie. She scooped him up after he made a speech to all the contestants, and the others took notice. Chelsea made it a point, though, not to reveal much about herself during her time with Arie. When she met him outside the mansion and during their talk, she emphasized that she was mysterious, but worth noting. Chelsea truly got a target on her back when she talked to Arie a second time. Bachelor Nation knows that's a no-no on the first night: all 29 women want some time with him.

Even the second time with Arie, she didn't reveal much about herself. She said what makes her interesting is that she's mysterious. She did make it a point, though, to say she just got her real estate license. Unlike Arie, I have the benefit of Google at my disposal, so I can find out more about her. Chelsea Roy is from South Maine and is the mother to a 3-year-old named Sammy. According to Chelsea's ABC biography, her guilty pleasure is her sweet tooth and she hates it when a date does over-the-top PDA (this may be a point of contention later on, as Arie is known as the "kissing bandit"). It's also kinda obvious that the producers pegged her as the show's "villain" — at least for now.

Why would Chelsea follow the route of Olivia Caridi or Corinne Olympios so quickly and be labeled a "villain"? Well, firstly she was saying rude things about another contestant, Maquel, when Maquel "stole Arie away" from her when she was trying to talk. She also upset some of the other contestants because she went to talk to Arie twice. To those who are casual Bachelor fans, or never watched before, this is outrageous: most women on the first night are dying to get a few seconds with the lead, let alone talk to them a second time. What was interesting, though, was what Chelsea chose to keep private despite having the amount of time she did with Arie. So why didn't Chelsea tell Arie about her child?

I'm not a parent, but my guess is it's a huge deal to tell someone you're dating that you have a kid. Chelsea must've not felt like the time was right, and that's totally her decision to make. I respect whatever she chooses to tell or keep from Arie. What grinds my gears about her is, rather, how she talks badly of other contestants. But that is also her decision, I guess. Fans are probably wondering when, if ever, Chelsea will reveal that she is a single mother. Seeing as she nabbed the First Impression Rose, she'll be sticking around for at least a while (Rachel Lindsay, for example, got the First Impression Rose on Nick Viall's season and ended up in third place).

But regardless, whenever Chelsea decides to open up to Arie about her son, it'll certainly be an interesting moment to watch.

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