The Reasons You Orgasm Faster After Having A Baby

by Sarah Hosseini

Many new moms think they'll go through a long period of uncomfortable sex after having a baby. And for many women, that's true. Some women, however, report having the best sex of their lives and faster orgasms post baby. Sounds amazing, right? Before you get too excited, speedy orgasms after child birth are pretty rare. For those blessed few who are experiencing the fast track to ecstasy, you may be wondering, why do I orgasm faster after having a baby? Turns out, there are a couple of things that could be contributing to your snappy orgasms none of which have to do with your partner.

The first possible reason for faster postpartum orgasms may be because a woman has heightened vaginal sensitivity following child birth. Ironically, this only pertains to women who've given birth vaginally, which sounds completely counterintuitive. As it turns out, however, having tortured lady bits during delivery could make you more prone to tingly feelings down there. It may be a bizarre side effect of child birth, but OB-GYN Dr. Kelly M. Kasper told SELF that, "the nerves that provide sensation to the pelvis get traumatized during delivery. Women will often say the first week or two after delivery, they feel less [in that area]. But as those nerves recover, they could be hyper-sensitive."

The other reason for your faster postpartum orgasms could depend on whether or not you've been doing your Kegels or any other pelvic exercises. "Much of the ability to reach orgasm is tied back to how the pelvic floor muscles are working, and women who participate in a properly designed postpartum core healing program are going to get their pelvic floor muscles in better position to reach orgasm," Beth Jones, a women's performance and recovery specialist, tells Romper.

So basically if you were great about doing your Kegels and pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy and are still knocking them out right after delivery, you may be actively contributing to your faster orgasms. Additionally, Jones says if a woman is doing her pelvic exercises her confidence is likely higher. "This would contribute to the relaxed psychological aspect of reaching orgasm," she says.

It's important to note that just because a woman is experiencing faster orgasms, that doesn't mean they're more frequent or that she's having multiple orgasms (although that's always a possibility). Furthermore, having faster orgasms doesn't necessarily mean you're having better orgasms. Only you know how your orgasms feel and whether or not modifications need to be made. If speedily-reached orgasms aren't working for your or your partner, you can always make adjustments to ensure the experience is mutually pleasurable and at the pace that's comfortable for everyone.