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Why Do People Hate Paulie On 'Big Brother 18'? There's So Many Reasons

Paulie is not having a good week on Big Brother. Although he was once ruling the house everyone has now turned against him, including the fans. His bromance with Paul is now officially over and Paulie is sitting on the block next to his best friend in the house, Corey. It's pretty much guaranteed Paulie will be evicted this week and most fans can't wait to see it happen but why do Big Brother fans hate Paulie so much? Well, there's a multitude of reasons.

It's always someone on Big Brother that starts out a fan favorite and quickly turns to a much despised houseguest. Unfortunately for Paulie, it's him this season. This isn't completely unwarranted. Through the past few weeks, Paulie's behavior and attitude has begun to rub some people the wrong way. And not just inside the house — like, fans. The fans that will eventually vote for America's Favorite Player. While the votes inside the house count, it's also important to remember that you're coming back into a world that you'd like to welcome you with open arms. This wouldn't be the first time someone left the house to find that fans had turned on them, and it probably won't be the last. But what is it exactly that has caused such a turn on the once golden boy of Big Brother 18?

He's Disrespectful To Women

To be honest, women being disrespected on Big Brother isn't something new, which is really unfortunate but we see it with every season. The moment a woman cries she becomes "whiny," but as soon as she defends herself she's a "bitch." It's a lose-lose situation and we've seen Paulie play on this multiple times this season. First it was through his obsession with Tiffany, who he constantly compared to her sister and previous Big Brother contestant, Vanessa. Then his "relationship" with Zakiyah was a complete mess and, although Zakiyah definitely earns some of the blame in that, it'd be wrong to deny the fact that Paulie used Zakiyah for votes and then tossed her aside when he no longer saw her as valuable.

Fans really turned on Paulie, though, when Natalie tried to warn Zakiyah about Paulie's twisted ways and Paulie in turn came after Natalie, telling her she's as fake as "the things on her chest." Paulie, along with Corey, also referred to Natalie as FT ("Fake Titties"), which was unbelievable and completely uncalled for.

He's Been Egotistical

What first started to annoy Big Brother fans about Paulie was the fact that he began to think he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. He basically began running the house, taking over people HOH's, and picking and choosing who would go and who would stay. Moreover, when he loses a comp, rather than admit to just losing, he claims he "threw it," which is a little hard to believe when it happens multiple times.

Also, there's the fact that Paulie really believed Victor was going to do what Paulie suggested and put Natalie and Michelle on the block this week. For the first time, Paulie realized he was no longer running the house and no longer in power.

He Has Been Hypocritical

Paulie constantly accused the ladies of the house of being dramatic, crying, and whiny. As previously mentioned, he didn't like Tiffany because he saw her as an "emotional player" like her sister. He accused Natalie and Michelle of crying when in actuality they were laughing at Paulie's upcoming downfall, and he was annoyed that Zakiyah was crying over their relationship even though she had a right to be upset. Now, when it's Paulie's turn on the block this week, not only has he cried but he's started to throw fits so he can stay in the house.

He accused everyone else (read: the women) of being ridiculous for how emotional they were, but now he is the most emotional person in the house. My how the tables have turned.