Why Do People Love Ken Bone? How Could They Not?

A lot of people predicted that the second presidential debate would be a black hole of despair. But nobody expected that, as America slipped towards spaghettification, it would be pulled back just in time by an undecided voter in a red sweater. Then Ken Bone appeared, and the internet rejoiced. Why do people love Ken Bone, you ask? Just watch some clips of him being a good citizen. Don't you feel happier now?

Bone stood up to ask his question near the end of a debate in which one candidate referred to his opponent as the devil, and then threatened to jail her if he were elected president. As the tone onstage grew increasingly negative, Bone stood up, gave a little smile that seemed to contain all the decency America had forgotten over the last year, and asked, "What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs, while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly, and minimizing job loss for fossil power plant workers?"

First of all, the man asked an incredibly smart, incredibly relevant question that has not been discussed enough during this election cycle, even as it affects us all.

Second of all, Ken Bone. Even his name is perfect. It could only belong to a disgustingly cool and handsome sex god, a grizzled old assassin, or a red sweater-wearing, mustache-rocking teddy bear who cares a lot about energy policy and married his childhood sweetheart.

Ken Bone is 50 percent who we already are, 50 percent who we'd like to be. He gained too much weight to wear the suit he wanted to wear to the debate (sounds familiar...), so he threw on a red sweater as his plan B, and subsequently became a fashion icon (what I hope will happen every time I have to wear my back-up, but it never does).

Ken Bone is torn about who to vote for because Donald Trump better represents his personal interests, but Hillary Clinton seems better for the country as a whole, as he told The Washington Post, emblematic of the dilemma so many of us struggle with as we try to balance helping our fellow humans with watching out for ourselves.

Ken Bone wields his newfound power like he wields a disposable camera—with grace and care. Although he knows the world is watching, he will not say publicly who he decides to vote for until after the election.

Warning: Watching Ken Bone clips for too long may make you want to go adopt a puppy, or high-five a child, or stand in a park and give a lofty speech about civic duty. Ken Bone would probably be very pleased by all of that. But one thing he'd definitely love for you to do? Get out and vote. Don't let Ken Bone down.