Why Some Babies Have Fabio-Like Locks At Birth

Plenty of babies are born bald as a cue ball. But some little ones enter the world with a lush head of locks that would make Rapunzel jealous. So why do some babies have lots of hair when they're born? And is there any way to guess whether your baby will be bald or perfectly coiffed? Your newborn's 'do may come as a complete surprise.

For what it's worth, the exact working of baby hair is still something of a mystery. According to the Portland Hospital for Women and Children, the exact reason your little one was born with a mohawk is unknown, although it's safe to speculate that genetics and chromosomes play a role in baby's hair grown. And if your envious of babies who are born with luscious locks, don't be — that newborn hair is often short-lived. As noted in Baby Center, it's normal for your baby to lose hair during the first months of life, thanks to a drop in hormone levels. So even if your kiddo is born with thick hair, he may go bald shortly afterward.

To make matters even more fun, that newborn hair may look and feel completely different from your kid's final locks. As noted in What To Expect, that red, curly newborn hair may fall out and be replaced by straight blonde locks. So if your newborn's hair doesn't resemble you or your partner's, just give it a few months. Their second crop of growth may be completely different in color and texture. Aren't hormones and genetics fun?

If you're eager to know whether your little one will be born with a mass of hair, then a bit of old-school wisdom may help you out. For instance, there is a bit of pregnancy folklore that states mothers-to-be with a lot of heartburn tend to birth infants with a lot of hair. And, according to a 2006 study in Birth, there does appear to be a correlation between severe pregnancy heartburn and infants born with a full head of hair. So if your pregnancy has made you reach for the antacids all the time, just take heart: your baby will probably arrive with a whole mess of gorgeous hair.