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Eleven's Powers Come With An Interesting Technique On 'Stranger Things'

When it comes to Eleven's powers, they can sometimes be difficult to understand. She has telekinetic abilities that allow her to move things with her mind, but causes her to have nose bleeds. And when she wants to connect with someone far away, she always puts a blindfold on. But why does Eleven cover her eyes on Stranger Things? Warning: spoilers ahead for Episode 4!

When Eleven was at Hawkins National Laboratory, she was put into a sensory deprivation tank, which was a lightless and soundless tank. The idea was that by limiting her other sensory abilities, Eleven's psychic abilities would be heightened so she could focus on connecting with those far away. For example, when she was in the tank, Eleven was able to reach a Russian agent.

In the Season 1 finale, Eleven knew she'd need to replicate the tank in order to find Will (and Barb) in the Upside Down, which is what they did in the gym with the inflatable pool. However, Eleven doesn't always have those tools so sometimes all she can do is cover her eyes with the blindfold. That way she's able to block out her sense of sight, so she can tap into her psychic abilities and reach people.

Since she's trapped inside the cabin with Hopper, Eleven's been using this trick to check in on Mike, who still sometimes uses his walkie talkie to try and get in touch with her. Even though he hasn't seen Eleven since she disappeared, Mike still holds out hope that he'll be able to connect with her. Little does he know, she has.

The last time Mike tuned on his walkie talkie, Eleven was there and said, "Mike" — something he seemed to hear, but not really believe. Unfortunately, he became fed up with not being able to talk to Eleven and threw his walkie talkie aside, unaware of just how close his friend was (telepathically, at least). It's unclear if Eleven can actually talk to the people she connects with in the psychic plane she goes to. When Eleven first developed these abilities, her "Papa," or Dr. Martin Brenner, just wanted her to spy on the Russians and listen in on their conversations. However, when Eleven found the monster, he then sent her back in to connect with it, which opened up the space to the other dimension, or as we all now call it, the Upside Down.

Similarly, Eleven was able to reach out to Will in the Upside Down and this season she was able to touch her mother, but she then disappeared. Therefore, it stands to reason that Eleven's abilities really do allow her to talk to people at great distances away. As Season 2 progresses, we'll hopefully learn even more about what Eleven can do with her powers, and the others like her.

When this season first began, there was another character introduced who shares similiar telekinetic powers as Eleven. She was able to make a tunnel crumble and then got a bloody nose just like El does when she uses her powers. Her wrist was marked with the number 008, just like El has 011 on hers. Although this woman hasn't popped up again this season, it wouldn't be surprising if we see her, or some of the others like Eleven, before the season is through.

Now that El has used her powers to meet her mother for the first time, it'll be interesting to see what she does with this information. With Hopper busy with the "vines" that are snaking through Hawkins, Eleven may let her curiosity about who she is and where she comes from lead her to leave the house... again.

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