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The One Question About Kai That Needs To Be Addressed On 'AHS: Cult'

Every season of American Horror Story is like LOST: they answer some questions, but make viewers ask so many more. There are already several unknowns this season: who are the members of the clown cult? Is Kai Anderson really the cult leader, or is it someone else? Why are they after Ally? The most important question, though, has nothing to do with any of this (in my opinion, anyway). I want to know what possessed Kai to dye his hair that color. Why does Kai have blue hair on AHS: Cult? It could reveal something about his plan... or it could just be indicative of how bizarre he is.

Kai established himself as a black sheep in the premiere episode of this season, "Election Night." When Trump won the presidency, for example, Kai celebrated by humping his television and then putting on a Cheeto dust mask. Besides that, though, Kai went out of his way to be an outcast. He went to his local court to speak out against the protection for minorities, and he terrorized a group of immigrants. His blue hair could be another manifestation of how he's different, how he sets himself apart from the "unenlightened" people in his town.

The color blue carries a lot of meaning. As it's the color of the sky and sea, it's associated with stability. Furthermore, it symbolizes good traits such as trust, loyalty, and intelligence. Dyeing his hair blue could be a way Kai reassures his followers with his appearance. He tells them that he'll do anything for them (including kill), and he may want his hair to reflect the same thing. Interestingly, blue is also a symbol for God in the Bible — which is just what a cult leader wants to be for his followers. This could be why Kai chose blue as opposed to another unnatural hair color, like green.

As it turns out, the blue hair was actor Evan Peters' idea. In other AHS seasons, he didn't get much input on his characters' look. This makes sense especially for Freak Show and Roanoke, where Peters played characters from different historical periods. At the American Horror Story: Style of Scares exhibit earlier this year, Peters revealed that he was allowed more say for AHS: Cult. One aspect was Kai's blue hair. "Hopefully you’ll see why [he dyed his hair] in the upcoming season," Peters told HelloGiggles. "But I just felt like it was important to do, and changing a lot. Hair’s a very loud thing."

Peters said that he went into this AHS season with a lot of suggestions for Kai's look. "I’m very excited about my role this year," he said in the same interview. "In previous years I had to [compromise] but I kinda came in pretty hardcore this year with lot of ideas, which they were very open to doing and it’s been amazing." As of now, I'm not sure exactly why Peters wanted Kai's hair to be blue, but it may be revealed in future episodes.

In an interview with Thrillist, Peters called Kai the "most repulsive character" he's played yet, so I'm curious how his appearance plays into that. I wouldn't call Kai's blue hair repulsive, but it's certainly not a style choice I would choose for him. The hair could be Peters' way to display something about Kai's psyche... or he just wanted to make him stand out as much as possible. Regardless, it was a striking choice that I hope will be explicitly addressed on the show soon.

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