Byron Cohen/Freeform

Mona's Betrayal May Not Be What It Seems On 'PLL'

The latest episode of Pretty Little Liars left fans questioning where Mona's allegiances truly lie. The former 'A' was seen in her apartment, which she seems to have turned into a lair. Along with pictures of the Liars and the board game, Mona also had the shovels the Liars used to bury Archer's body. So why does Mona have the shovels on Pretty Little Liars? It's probably because she knows they are the safest in her hands.

Though Mona isn't "officially" a Liar, she's always been the smartest of the group. As she already stated, if the Liars get taken down for the death of Archer, she does too. Therefore it's in her best interest to make sure that doesn't happen. With that in mind, I think Mona took the shovels for safe keeping. Mona's always been two steps ahead of everyone, including the Rosewood Police Department. I bet she knew that someone would come looking for those shovels eventually, so she made sure to take them before the cops could get their hands on them.

So even though it looks like Mona has a lair again, that doesn't mean she's A.D. Mona warned Hanna that getting involved with the board game would become an addiction for her and it's obvious that's what's happening here. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Janel Parrish, who plays Mona, explained what's going on through Mona's head.

"She needs to see everything up," Parrish explained. "She put all the pieces together, so I think everybody that's on her board, you know, it all has to do with who is A.D." The actress continued by stating:

I've been asked to help play this game and figure out all the little pieces of it. Is there some shady business going on? Maybe... but I think from [Tuesday's episode] you guys can kind of be your own detective and see what you think... I think she's just trying to play the game.

As many fans expected, it appears there's nothing to worry about when it comes to Mona. Sure, she may be slowly trickling back to the dark side, but there's no way she's A.D. She just wants to figure out this game, just as much as the Liars do, and as Hanna said before, if anyone can do it, it's Mona.

Whether or not Mona actually figures out A.D.'s identity, there's a good chance she'll discover Aria's secret. In the last episode, it was clear Mona was suspicious of Aria and may end up learning all about her alliance with A.D. Could Mona be the one who finally ousts Aria? Fans will just have to tune in to the new episode to find out.