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Let's Talk About Mr. Poe's Cough On 'ASOUE'

(Warning: this post contains unfortunate spoilers from Episode 2.) Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events is finally here and it's fantastic. Funny, mysterious, and sticking pretty close to the books, the new Netflix series is a great show and everyone should watch it. There is one parts of the series though that I could do without. Mr. Poe, the banker who is supposed to be helping the Baudelaire children after their parents die in the fire, has the most annoying cough. So why does Mr. Poe cough on A Series of Unfortunate Events? Truthfully, I have no idea why, but I really wish he would stop ASAP.

When Mr. Poe first appeared to tell Violet, Claus, and Sunny that their parents had "perished," I thought maybe he'd gone to the house first and was still coughing from all the smoke at the burned down house. However, Mr. Poe continued to cough and cough and then cough some more and he has yet to stop. Apparently, this is a character trait's of Mr. Poe's that was also in the books and it's another one of those unfortunate things the Baudelaire children have to deal with. Besides Mr. Poe's insane coughing fits, he was also the worst executor there ever was.

Joe Lederer/Netflix

Mr. Poe sends the children off to live with Count Olaf because their parents had stated in their Will that they should be with their "closest relatives," which Mr. Poe interpreted to mean closest in distance. Even though it was obvious to the Baudelaire children that Count Olaf was not who their parents wanted them to end up with, Mr. Poe was certain it was where they belonged.

Naturally, this set up did not turn out well. Count Olaf concocted an elaborate scheme to trick Violet into marrying him, so he could steal the Baudelaire fortune. Thankfully, the children are smarter than the adults around them and were able to get out of the sticky situation. Once it was revealed that Count Olaf was as evil as the children claimed he was, Mr. Poe regretted his terrible decision and made haste to correct the mistake. Unfortunately, he still hasn't figured out how to correct his cough though. It seem he's stuck with it and doesn't particularly care to get it checked out.

Despite the unending coughing fit, the rest of the show is fantastic to watch and you should definitely check out A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix if you haven't already.