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Why Your Baby Seems To Hate Their Sibling

by Mishal Ali Zafar

Bringing home your new baby to meet their older sibling can bring about all kinds of emotions. You may feel a certain comfort when they bond, and you may feel a little guilty when your older child gets jealous and asks for more attention. But one thing you may not have factored in is how your baby will react to their siblings. Sometimes babies can be fickle too, and if they cry around their sibling, you may wonder, "why does my baby hate their sibling?"

Jessica Zablan, owner of The Birth & Baby Company, tells Romper in an interview that "hate" might not be the right word for what your baby is feeling. According to her, your baby is more likely overstimulated or scared, which can happen easily when they are introduced to noise or too much interaction. Young kids don't always have a volume filter, so they can speak loudly, scream, or sing, which can startle your baby, making them feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

According to Secrets of Baby Behavior, babies under 3 months can also get upset because they might get scared of things coming too close. Many young children are unaware of physical boundaries, especially when it comes to their fascinating new baby siblings, who they see their parents cuddling with. It's possible that the hasty or sudden movements, or rough physical touching that your older children engage in with the baby can cause the baby to feel scared or insecure.

I don't think babies have the capacity to hate. They may just feel stressed due to the rambunctious nature of their sibling. It's normal for older children to harbor some bits of jealousy towards their newborn siblings, so it's important to talk to them about being calm and gentle with the new baby, and encourage them to help you out, making them feel like they are a part of your team. Now as for when they get older, that's a different story. It's completely normal for siblings to fight, but just remember to instill in them the importance of family, which is what will make them appreciate each other and help them form a lasting bond of friendship. (They're still going to argue over which fidget spinner is theirs though.)