Why Does My Vagina Itch? 13 Possible Culprits

As the weather heats up, it's only natural that you sweat more. You're hanging in bikinis, indulging tropical drinks, and meeting strangers who you may find yourself in bed with. These things are some of summer's delights. But all of the above can leave a mark on a gal's vagina. So, if you find yourself wondering, why does my vagina itch, you may find that summer lifestyle habits are likely culprits.

There are some really common reasons vaginas get itchy. As Everyday Health pointed out, the vagina is an internal organ that comes in contact with a lot of external things. To mitigate that "contact," vaginal pH acts as a barrier, containing lots of helpful juices, including beneficial bacteria, necessary to keep your vagina clean and healthy. Have you ever heard that kinda creepy metaphor that the vagina is a self-cleaning oven? Well, vaginal pH explains the science behind that one. Still, sometimes your body doesn't know how to relieve that itch.

Before you scratch — don't scratch an itchy vagina and end up irritating it more — figure out if any of the following might be causing your discomfort. If so, talk these things over with your gynecologist for a detailed diagnosis and plan of action.


Your Underwear

According to Huffington Post, your underwear can make your vagina itch. The article recommended staying away from silk, shape wear, and underwear that is too tight because these trap moisture around your vagina, and you don't want to sit in that all day. Additionally, thongs might transfer fecal matter from your anus to your vagina, causing an infection that needs physician's care. So, play it safe and stick with breathable cotton knickers if you're feeling the burn.

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You're Not Washing Properly

There's a proper way to wash your vagina, ladies. Women's Health advised you use an unscented bar soap to gently wash your vagina once a day. Over-washing can cause tears in the vagina, which leads to infection. Additionally, body washes with tons of fragrance throw of vaginal pH, and can make your vagina itchy as hell.

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You Douche

The same article in Women's Health cautioned women against douching as douching is likely to throw off vaginal pH, and that might lead to an infection.


You Have Vaginitis

Mayo Clinic noted that vaginitis is a very common source of itchy vaginas. Simply put, vaginitis is when your vagina is inflamed. This might be because of a change in pH or a sign of more serious infection. If it persists, see your doctor ASAP!


You Have A New Partner

Did you know that your vagina takes some time to get used to your new partner? According to a report published in Indiana University Health Center's site, new partners can upset the pH of your vagina. This is especially true if you hadn't had sex in a while.


You Might Be Allergic To Latex Condoms

Latex condoms can cause an itchy vagina, noted Bustle. Luckily, you can get screened by your gynecologist to figure out if you're allergic to latex, and buy a different kind of condom made of polyisoprene.

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You're About To Get Your Period

Your vaginal pH changes just before you get your period, which might cause some itchiness down there, claimed Women's Health. The swing in hormones as your cycle moves into menstruation, might also be to blame. Usually, this type of itch passes as soon as you start to bleed.


You Wear Scented Pads Or Tampons

A report published in Indiana University Health Center's site cautioned against wearing scented pads or tampons, as they might make your vagina itch. The fragrance upsets the all-important vaginal pH.

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You're Having A Lot Of Sex

Glad that new partner is working out for you, girl! Or maybe, you're mingling with a bunch of partners. When you're having a lot of sex, your vagina can get chafed. Sex educator Laura Berman told Everyday Health that rigorous sex can cause your vagina to itch. So give your vagina some time to breathe and reboot.


You Like Sugar

And I don't mean what you put in your mouth, though you might discuss the link between diet and vaginal health with your doc. I mean the sugary stuff you're putting between your legs. You know, like lubrication filled with glycerin (sugar) and chocolate body paint or a whipped-cream bikini. Shape recommended limiting the sugary sexy stuff if you have an itchy vagina.


You Have A Yeast Infection

OK, this is a probable cause of persistent vaginal itching. Mayo Clinic described a yeast infection as an intense itching around the vulva and vagina. Cottage-cheese like discharge may or may not also be a symptom. Treatment is over-the-counter, but you may consider talking to your doc about holistic remedies, like probiotics to thwart of yeast infections, according to Prevention.


Your Toilet Paper

Did you know that you could get contact dermatitis from any number of things, from your laundry detergent to your soap. Even your toilet paper might contain chemicals that are making your vagina irritated. This type of itchiness is usually accompanied by swelling and redness that distinguishes contact dermatitis, OB-GYN Brett Worly told Women's Health.

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Your Hormones

According to Women's Health, your hormones fluctuate throughout your cycle, causing your vagina to itch. If hormonal itching persists, your doctor might prescribe a topical hormone cream to apply to your vagina.


You Were Exposed To An STI

If you've had unprotected sex and your vagina is itchy, disclose this info to your gynecologist immediately, and get ready to get in those stirrups as you might have been exposed to an STI. According to Women's Health, chlamydia, herpes, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, crabs, or pubic lice all cause itchiness down there.