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Why Does Your Vagina Smell Differently When You're Pregnant?

Have you ever come home after chowing down at the hibachi grille and gone straight to the shower? Everything from your messy bun to your wool socks soaked up the delicious scent of steak bathed in sauce. Thankfully, some soap and water goes a long way, and by the time you crawl into bed no trace of dinner is left. But what do you do when your body emits a sent you can't shampoo, rinse, and repeat away? Peculiar smells are a by-product of pregnancy that many women know well. But why does your vagina smell differently when you're pregnant?

If you've been noticing an aroma wafting up from down yonder, don't be surprised. Not only do pregnant women have the nose of a bloodhound, but vaginal odors are common during pregnancy, as Fit Pregnancy magazine explained. As a matter of fact, go ahead and get used to experiencing changes in your lady parts, because being pregnant means your body changes in more than one way. Because the changes in the pH of your vagina can cause changes in odor, according to the website for Parents magazine. With this shift, your womanly bits tip over to the acidic side, omitting different scents than when you are balanced.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, it's normal to have light smelling discharge during pregnancy, which is harmless and no cause for worry. In fact, there's a very logical reason for this occurrence. Since more blood is flowing to your uterus during pregnancy, more discharge is produced to keep your vagina clean, as Baby Center explained. With the constant release of fluid, comes the smell you've been picking up on.

No matter how unhappy you are with the smell coming from your vagina when pregnant, it's best to let nature run its course. Using special soaps and feminine cleaning products are off limits during this time, Fit Pregnancy warned. Just make sure to pay attention to any changes that may pop up. If the odor is strong and you have other symptoms such as itching and redness, it's possible you have a vaginal infection and should call your doctor.