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Why Frank Isn't Dead On 'How To Get Away With Murder,' So Don't Panic Just Yet

by Zakiya Jamal

For Season 3 of How to Get Away With Murder, fans knew from the very first episode that someone was going to die in the winter finale, but no one knew who it would be. Unlike previous seasons where fans knew who would end up dead or shot, for Season 3 the person "Under the Sheet" was left a mystery. And with each passing episode, it's been revealed who's not under the sheet instead. Now it's almost time for the big reveal and fans are becoming more and more worried. Despite popular belief, however, I'm ready to predict that Frank isn't dead on How to Get Away With Murder and here's why.

Over the course of Season 3, the list of people that could be under the sheet was narrowed down to Nate or Frank. At the end of last Thursday's episode, fans saw Frank holding a gun under his chin and Annalise screaming at him to "do it!" (another Emmy-winning performance by Viola Davis, by the way) while Bonnie pleaded with him not to pull the trigger. This has led many fans to believe Frank is the one under the sheet, but based on the reaction Annalise had when she saw who was under there, this seems very unlikely.

Annalise was very distraught after she saw who was dead and although some fans argue that this was all part of a ploy by Annalise, the fact that she legitimately seems defeated when Bonnie visits her in jail indicates she is deeply wounded by whoever's dead. Although Annalise and Frank's relationship has had their good moments in the past, she wouldn't be this upset if he was dead, in my opinion. It's much more likely that Nate is under the sheet and this is why Annalise is so heartbroken.

Additionally, fans have seen that Bonnie calls someone when she's at the hospital to tell them that Laurel's pregnant. The only possible people Bonnie would call with that news is Frank and Wes, and fans know Wes is in police custody at the moment. Plus, Bonnie and Wes aren't that close to begin with. It's more likely that Bonnie called Frank to tell him the news, which is even more evidence that he's very much alive.

Therefore, fans have nothing to worry about. Unless you want Frank to be under the sheet. In that case, I'm sorry, but it looks like Nate's a goner. I'll never forget him or his glorious abs, though. May he rest in peace.