Craig Sjodin/ABC

Things Got Pretty Chilly On ‘The Bachelor’

Another episode of The Bachelor, another rose ceremony. This time around, however, it didn't occur in the luxurious mansion in Los Angeles. In fact, perhaps for the first time, we saw that the contestants were visibly freezing. Not only were many wearing coats over their beautiful gowns, but their breath was visible. As Nick was doling out roses, he wasn't immune to the cold either. We have to ask, then, why was it so cold on The Bachelor?

In case you forgot from last week, everyone packed their bags and trekked to Nick's hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin. If Wisconsin is known for anything besides cheese, it's the frigid weather. As it turns out, Bachelor Nation was able to experience both! A group date landed most of the contestants on a dairy farm, milking cows and slinging cow poop. They were still there at the top of this episode for the rose ceremony. Someone thought it was a great idea to hold the ceremony in a barn...outside...at night...in Wisconsin.

No wonder the contestants were freezing! There was something figuratively cold in addition to the literal cold: Corinne and Taylor's feelings towards each other. In case you forgot everything from last week, it ended on a sour note between the two. They took to the side to talk out their beef with each other, and mental health counselor Taylor made the grave error of calling Corinne emotionally immature.

Shockingly, Corinne did not take the criticism well. She resorted to calling Taylor a bitch and a linty of insults, and was sure that she'd be out come the rose ceremony. In true Bachelor fashion, they held out whether Nick was going to pick one over the other.

Amidst the Wisconsin cold, Nick went through rose by rose until they were only a couple left. He gave Corinne one to her excitement – both that she had one and that Taylor didn't. When it came to the final rose, though, it went to Taylor. Corinne's dreams of beating her out did not come true, but at least the freezing rose ceremony came to a close.

Seeing as the next destination for Nick and the contestants is New Orleans, it's unlikely they'll have to suffer through another cold ceremony. If they're truly "here for the right reasons," though, they probably didn't mind much.