Why Is It Taking So Long To Recover From My C-Section? 5 Possible Reasons

A C-section is a big deal. It's a very invasive surgery that requires time for you to heal properly. Although you have the joy of your brand new baby in your arms, after a while, being on bed rest and having a hard time performing simple tasks gets a little old. You might still be wondering why is it taking so long to recover from my C-section? And you're not alone — being patient is difficult when you're ready to jump into life as a new mom.

According to Healthline, because of the severity of the incision and the work it takes to perform a C-section, they generally take longer to heal from than a vaginal birth. Your recovery will probably take anywhere from four to six weeks, barring any other complications, in which case it may take up to eight or more.

However, some activities and circumstances may cause your C-section incision to heal more slowly than it should, making your overall recovery take longer than expected. In order to assure proper healing time be sure to follow the instructions your healthcare professional assigns to the letter. Although some of these steps seem less severe than others, making sure to pay careful attention to your overall wellbeing is essential in making sure you heal in a timely manner.


Your Incision Is Infected

According to New Kids Center, if you have redness, swelling, excessive pain, drainage, a high fever, foul smelling vaginal discharge, or vaginal pain, your incision is likely infected. An infection will definitely slow your recovery and if you notice any of these signs schedule an appointment with your OB-GYN right away.


You Got Active Too Quickly

It's important for new moms to take their time with increasing physical activity after a C-section. Although you may feel great, Mom.mew noted that your incision likely isn't healed to the point of resuming exercise right away. Going for light walks, doing leg exercises, or pelvic floor exercises are all great ways to gently get back into your normal activity.


You Went Back To Work Too Quickly

Most healthcare professionals recommending taking at least six weeks to recover before going back to work. Some workplaces have longer maternity leave than others, so be sure to take full advantage of yours. If you resume your job too soon, even if it's not a particularly active job, it may make your recovery take longer, according to the American Pregnancy Association.


You Had Sex Too Soon

According to the New Health Guide, having sex before six weeks may result in further complications. Be sure your healthcare professional gives you the go ahead before jumping back in the sack after C-section.


You Had A Complication In Surgery

Some C-sections are more complicated than others. According to Healthline, obesity, maternal allergies, large baby size, low maternal blood cell count, epidurals, or premature labor are all causes for complicated surgeries. If you experienced a longer or more intense surgery, be sure to take more time than normal to recover fully.