Why Is My Period Brown? Don't Freak Just Yet

Even after dealing with them for many years, periods can still be confusing. For instance, you may wonder: why is my period brown? Isn't blood supposed to be red, after all?

Fortunately, brown period blood is often perfectly normal. As explained in WebMD, menstrual blood may turn dark brown toward the end of your cycle, because the blood is older and has been in your body for a while. Along those lines, if you have a late period it may be a more brownish color, according to New Health Advisor. Chances are the blood just started the oxidation process while still in your body. Again, this is very likely normal and not any reason to worry.

If you are experiencing brown discharge that lasts for a couple of weeks, however, What to Expect suggested that you schedule a visit to your doctor. As the site further explained, this may signify a potential complication such as pelvic inflammatory disease, an ovarian cyst, or PCOS. If you appear to have other symptoms of these health issues, then have a visit with your physician for a full diagnosis.

For most women, though, it's perfectly normal to have period blood that ranges from light pink to dark red to brown, as explained in Bustle. It's just one of the many quirks of menstruation. Unless it's day-glow orange or something you're probably fine.