Why Is My Vagina Itchy After A Waxing? There Are A Few Different Reasons


Waxing is a quick way to get rid of hair for weeks on end, but it can entail some weird side effects. Annoying side effects, really. Unless you're very lucky, you've probably wondered, "why is my vagina so itchy after a waxing?" Seriously, sometimes it can feel like that whole area is covered in itching powder.

For better or worse, there are many reasons a bikini wax may lead to mild irritation and itchiness within a day or two of the appointment. As noted on the website for Allure, some people experience an adverse reaction to the synthetic waxes used by certain salons. This doesn't mean you're out of luck, though. As noted in Get The Gloss, many professional salons offer the option of a patch test, so people with sensitive skin can determine the best wax for their skin, without committing to a full procedure. An alternative such as sugaring is also an option. Work with your esthetician to find a hair removal method that works for your skin.

In some instances, though, the itchiness could be more difficult to avoid. According to the Bee Brazilian beauty salon, some people experience itchiness a couple of weeks after a bikini wax, as the new hair reemerges. This is normal and expected, but still annoying. In the meantime, using some hydrocortisone cream can soothe post-wax irritation, according to the website for Real Simple. A simple cold press can help, too. As difficult as it is, refraining from scratching the area will go a long way toward helping the skin heal quickly. As with many irritations related to waxing, though, this itchy regrowth effect is said to decrease over time. One can only hope.


Although these itchy effects are annoying, they are unlikely to send you running for the hospital. In some rare instances though, severe itching can point to a larger problem. As noted in the website for Women's Health, bacterial infections such as cellulitis, folliculitis, and even staph infections have been linked to waxes. Again, this is not likely to happen, but if your itchiness is accompanied by burning, fever, swelling, or sores, then visit your physician post-haste. These infections do not play. More often than not, however, the itchiness associated with a bikini wax is just a mild irritation caused by some reaction to the wax products or the hair's natural regrowth cycle.