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Something Has Nick Very Upset On 'The Bachelor'

On Week 5 of The Bachelor last week, Nick finally took Taylor and Corinne on an epic two-on-one date into the bayou outside of New Orleans. It was crazy awkward, since the two women now loathe each other, and also, there were snakes and alligators surrounding them the whole time. (Romance!) But it's not what happened on the date that was the most interesting part of the show. It was the promo for this upcoming week that shows Nick crying on The Bachelor. And not just like, shedding a tear — as he is wont to do now and again — but straight up sobbing in front of all of the ladies. But why?

In the promo, the contestants are all looking up at him as he boohoo's and says that he's "terrified" that this whole process isn't going to work out again. The women look on in shock. Sure, Nick is probably smart to be scared of being possibly rejected again on national television, while we all tweet about it, in a few weeks. If anyone knows about heartache, it's this guy. But that doesn't explain why he is sobbing. So what made Nick start crying? It's not like Nick doesn't cry all the time, but these waterworks seem different. They feel intense.

A solid guess is that it has something to do with Taylor and Corinne. Last week, he gave the rose to Corinne after she sort of sabotaged Taylor and told Nick that she'd bullied her (that is up for debate, though Taylor was very condescending). While the two began celebrating with their two-on-one date dinner, Taylor will apparently pull a Chad and waltz in to interrupt them in Week 6.

It's likely that she will go on a rant about "emotional intelligence" and tell Nick that she thinks he's been fooled into picking Corinne, since that was basically all she said in all of her little confessional videos throughout the episode.

But regardless of how that all pans out, there is some more drama in store for Nick next week since he allegedly goes on another two-on-one after Taylor interrupts him and Corinne. Does he send Corinne home, too, after Taylor's interruption? She's not in the promo. Do both of the bachelorettes on the next two-on-one decide they don't really like Nick anymore since he chose Corinne and decide not to except his roses anymore? Could that be what ends up rattling him so much?

It's easy to make fun of Nick for getting so upset over whatever happens, but you have to hand it to the guy for being so emotionally vulnerable on primetime TV. A lot of guys don't feel as comfortable doing that. More importantly, though, is how do the other women feel about him saying that he feels like this process is impossible? What if they all just pack up and go home since he's so upset that it didn't work out with whoever he's crying over? Does this mean he doesn't think he has a future with Vanessa or Danielle M. or Rachel? Or are they the reason he's crying?

On the other hand, maybe he's just drunk on too much whiskey and having a little moment. We've all been there. Let's hope he can pull it together and move on with the rest of the season to find his happily ever after. I need to know how this all plays out.