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Alex's Fate On 'Grey's Anatomy' Was Unexpected

During the midseason premiere of Grey's Anatomy, Dr. Bailey made it clear that Alex had accepted the plea deal and was going to jail. However, on Thursday night's episode, Meredith discovered him in bed at her home after trying to track him down all day. So why isn't Alex Karev in jail on Grey's Anatomy? It appears he didn't accept the plea deal after all.

At the start of the episode, Meredith and Maggie looked up Alex's case online to discover it was "indefinitely postponed." Meredith took that to mean Alex really had accepted the plea deal and went on the hunt to track him down in all of the possible jails she thought he could be in. Now, why she didn't just call his lawyer and ask her for some information, we may never know. The point is, Meredith spent the entire episode going from one jail to the next, looking for Alex, only to come home defeated. Imagine her surprise when she sat down on the bed, waking Alex up. Apparently, he'd been sleeping all day. I'm guessing no one thought to just try and call Alex either.

While it'd be fair to assume that the reason Alex was home resting comfortably was because he didn't accept the plea deal, I have another theory. Before Alex finally showed up, Arizona went home and found DeLuca, who also just made his first appearance in the second half of this season. Although Arizona didn't want to admit it, she confessed that she missed Alex, which DeLuca found really confusing.

Now why would DeLuca find this confusing, if he didn't already know that Alex was fine and not in jail? And how could he possibly know that... unless he was the one that saved Alex from going to jail by dropping the charges against him. This is a theory fans have had since this whole trial started and I'm sure next week's episode will officially confirm it.

Until then I'm just going to continue freaking out over the fact that Alex is actually fine and wonder why he was in Meredith's bed. Don't you have your own bed Alex?

You can check out the preview for next week's episode above and keep watching Grey's Anatomy to find out what Alex's fate really ends up being.