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Rachel’s Dad Was MIA On ‘The Bachelor’

Hometown dates have finally arrived this season of The Bachelor, and Nick's been busy jetting around the country (and Canada!) to meet the parents. Our next Bachelorette, Rachel, has not been ousted yet, and Nick visited her and her family in Dallas. As we all know, Rachel is a fabulous lawyer – and the profession runs in the family. Her father is a judge, so Rachel followed his footsteps when choosing a career. When Nick visited, though, Rachel's dad was absent. Why isn't Rachel's dad on The Bachelor? He's so important to her.

When we visit Rachel in Dallas with Nick, we can already tell she's serious. She starts off the hometown date by taking Nick to her church, and reminding him that faith is a part of her life. Nick grew up religious, too, so he was into it. Afterwards, they sat down and talked about what Nick was probably less excited about: meeting the parents. Rachel reveals that she's never brought a white man home before – and Nick, in turn, has never had a serious relationship with a black woman. This is a first for both of them, then.

When he asked about her father, though, Rachel's face fell – he wouldn't be there to see Nick. Why? Rachel says it's work obligations. He is a judge, after all, so it makes sense. Nick wasn't without her share of Rachel's family, though. Her mom, older sister, brother-in-law, younger sister, and cousin were in attendance. "You don't need to have black skin, but you need to have thick skin," Rachel said. This is especially true, considering that one of Rachel's sisters married a white man.

Her family grilled him just a little bit, as Rachel's the first black woman Nick's seriously dated. How awesome would it have been, though, to see Rachel's dad also talking to Nick about this? Mr. Lindsay, the judge, speaking to Nick about an important issue? Alas, it was not meant to be. That's okay, though, because we'll have all of The Bachelorette to see him. Nick clearly missed his chance with Rachel – and her family – and we'll eventually see that unfold, but thankfully this isn't the last we'll see of her. Perhaps during her season, we'll check-in with her parents again – and finally see Mr. Lindsay for ourselves.