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Laurel's Mom Might Have Answers On 'HTGAWM'

How to Get Away With Murder dropped yet another bombshell in "Everything We Did Was for Nothing" when the show revealed that Laurel's mother was alive and well. Her mom's fate had only ever been hinted at before so nothing was definite, but it was quite a surprise to discover she had been the one dialing Dominic all episode long. But why was Laurel's mom calling Dominic on HTGAWM?

The Castillo family is complicated and still very mysterious, even four seasons into the show. Laurel has discussed her past in veiled terms, but so much remains hidden and secret; she's never even shared her mom's name. However, last week's episode, "He's Dead," made it clear that Dominic was very close to the Castillos. He did everything Laurel's father Jorge told him to do, and he was also in love with Laurel at some point. If he was that connected to them, then it would make sense for him to know Laurel's mother as well.

Still, it's difficult to pin down what that means for the current story. The only thing viewers really know about Laurel's parents is that they divorced when Laurel was young and during a period of time where Mrs. Castillo was struggling with her mental health. If Laurel's parents had a contentious relationship and Dominic was close to Jorge, then why would he maintain a bond with Jorge's ex-wife?

It's possible that Dominic wasn't quite as Team Jorge as Laurel insisted. He did warn her ahead of time to try and stop her from going through with her reckless plan to get the Antares files, so it's obvious he still cared about Laurel to some degree. If he went behind Jorge's back to warn Laurel, then it's possible Dominic was also going behind Jorge's back to talk to Mrs. Castillo. Perhaps he was even keeping her updated about what was going on in Laurel's life.

That is a lot of guesswork, though. It's really a pity that Frank couldn't control his impulsive urge to murder people, because Dominic seems to be a key figure in connecting all the dots. He would be able to provide an explanation about the voicemail from Wes on his phone. He could give some insight into Jorge's plans. And he would definitely have an answer for why Mrs. Castillo was blowing up his phone. Frank should start thinking a few steps ahead — Dominic would be really useful right about now.

Laurel seemed as surprised to see her mom's number on Dominic's phone as the audience was, so it seems like she had no knowledge of what was going on. Hopefully she'll be able to get some more concrete answers soon. The promo for the upcoming episode showed Mrs. Castillo arriving in town as the custody battle between Laurel and Jorge began. The audience may finally learn exactly what went down between Laurel's parents all those years ago that caused Laurel to distance herself from her family so much.

Even though there's presumably some bad blood between them (or at the very least some painful history), it will be good for Laurel to have her mom's support during this tough time. Nobody knows better than Mrs. Castillo what Jorge is capable of, so there's a chance she could have some useful advice when it comes to fighting back against him. Failing that, she should definitely be able to explain what Dominic was planning and why she was calling him so incessantly over the course of the episode.

Laurel has spent so long avoiding her family, but it looks like they're about to become major players in the rest of the season.

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