Why Was Noel In The Dollhouse On 'Pretty Little Liars'? He May Be Mary Drake's Son

Rosewood is obviously the place where all sketchy people go to live, and Noel Kahn is just another indication of that. On Tuesday night's episode of Pretty Little Liars, Spencer and Emily discovered that Hanna's suspicions about Noel were right all along. In secret videos it was revealed that Noel was also in the dollhouse with the Liars and Spencer was rightfully pissed. So will she try to get revenge or actually just go to the police?

Now that the Liars are acknowledging the fact that someone is targeting them once again, they're ready to figure out who it is and end this A.D. thing once and for all. With Hanna gone, looking into Noel Kahn on her own, Spencer and Emily decided to do some digging on their own. After discovering the address of Noel's parents' cabin and realizing it was suspiciously close to where Hanna was tortured by her kidnapper the girls decided to break in and take a look around. Although at first it seemed like nothing was amiss after a second look around they discovered a USB filled with folders about each of the Liars and Mona.

It turns out the USB contained videos of all the Liars inside the dollhouse that they were trapped in when they were kidnapped. In one of the videos of Spencer we see Noel pouring red paint on and around Spencer, which she believed was blood when she woke up. Apparently Noel was working with Charlotte and Sara Harvey the whole time and helped drive the Liars crazy while they were inside the dollhouse. Whether or not this actually proves Noel is A.D. it does make it seem more likely that Noel is Mary Drake's other child.

To make things even more suspicious Aria and Jason discovered that the judge who presided over the adoption of Mary Drake's secret baby was none other than Stephen Kahn, Noel's father. Aria believes this means Noel has to be Mary Drake's son but could things really be that simple? Next week is the mid-season finale and although it's doubtful all our questions will be answered, hopefully the truth about Noel's parentage will finally be revealed.